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Remote Control Blackout Blinds for Windows

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Remote control blackout blinds for windows are the best accessory for your house you could ever purchase. They give you complete privacy and they also offer great light and temperature control. Furthermore, they have the same qualities as the classic blackout blinds. Even more than that, they offer all these advantages with a single touch of a button on the remote control.

The thing that makes the difference between remote control blackout blinds for windows and any other type of remote control blinds is that the blackout blinds are practically the latter’s upgrade. In other words, many kinds of remote control blinds (Venetian, pleated, roller and roman) can be converted into remote control blackout blinds. Of course, you have to pay a greater price than when installing new blackout blinds, but the visual effect is great. Just imagine roller blinds, for example. If they have a printed design, the bright sunlight might prevent you from seeing it clearly, whereas with blackout roller blinds, you no longer have this problem since the sunlight does not pass through them.

Still, if you choose to convert your blinds into blackout blinds, there is one thing you should know. Remote control blackout blinds for windows offer almost total darkness when shut. On the other hand, vertical and Venetian blackout blinds cannot block sunlight completely. The reason is that these types of blinds are made so as each of their slats overlaps with the next one; and no matter how tight they overlap each other, there will still be some light passing between them. However, it will not be enough light to disturb you from your activities.

The ideal remote control blackout blinds are those resembling roller blinds. Whether they were electric roller blinds that have been upgraded to blackout blinds, or they were built to be blackout blinds from the start, they offer perfect or nearly perfect darkness inside the room. In other words, the lowest quality type of remote control blackout blinds for windows can still block 99% of the sun’s brightness. And what is also great about remote control blackout blinds for windows is that the sunlight is not the only thing that they block. It is not uncommon to have noisy neighbours or to live in a high-traffic area. Well, the blackout blinds, whether classic or remote controlled, block the noise, as well. This way, you can enjoy a nice nap in the afternoon, work on the computer, or watch a movie without having to hear other sounds than those produced by your activity at the respective time.

As we have said before, beside these specific advantages, the remote control blackout blinds for windows have the properties of the other kinds of electric blinds, as well. In other words, you get the advantages of every type of remote controlled blinds. The first advantage is that, obviously, they are remote controlled. That means no more walking to the windows to pull the cord, no more going from one room to another to close/open every set of blinds, and no more having to put on hold other activities whenever you want to adjust the blinds. All these can now be done with the help of a remote control that can operate each and every set of blinds.

Second, the blinds can be divided into groups. That means that you can operate the blinds individually, all of them at once, or only a part of them at a time. Furthermore, they can be automated. You can set the blinds to close or open according to the weather and temperature outside, or depending on the brightness of the sun. You can also set certain hours when you want the blinds to close or open. This means that when the respective hour comes, the blinds will open or close automatically, whether you are at home or not. This is a great way to scare potential burglars off, as well.

Last, but not least, our remote control blackout blinds for windows are silent. Although not all types of remote control blinds are noiseless, the remote control blackout blinds are. This way, besides preventing the outside noise from interfering with your work or sleep, their operation will not disturb you, either.

The one thing that all remote control blinds have in common, including the remote control blackout blinds for windows, and that you might not like, is that you have to buy the remote control separately. But this is actually a good thing, because there are several types of remote controls, and not everyone wants the same type.

First, there are remote controls that can control only one set of blinds at a time, and remotes that can control all of the blinds or a group of them at once. Second, there are remote controls that need to be pointed at the set of blinds you want to control – the infrared remote controls – and remotes that can control any set of blinds from any room, without pointing in the respective direction – the radio remote controls.

Remote control blackout blinds for windows are made to measure your windows. We make sure of this personally, by coming over to your place, wherever you are in the UK. While we are at your place, we will also tell you more about our offers, the blinds we have for sale, and their prices. We will give you an approximate cost of the entire process of installation. You can also find out this information by calling us, by coming to one of our stores, or online, by accessing our website. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the best type of blackout blinds for your room.

All in all, while classic blackout blinds can be considered to be the best blinds, the remote control blackout blinds for windows are certainly the best remote control blinds that you could buy, since they provide great UV protection, amazing sound and temperature control, and complete blackout, while being remote controlled and automated.

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