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uk electric blindIf you are looking for those perfect electric blinds that protect you from the sun and have a simple, yet elegant design, look no more, because the best choice is our pleated electric blinds. We provide a variety of custom made electric blinds almost anywhere in the UK, at the smallest prices on the market. We want to make sure that your blinds are the best and the cheapest, so we only work with top manufacturers, without adding intermediate costs. Also, we offer you the possibility to order online, because, after all, we live in the age of the Internet. In addition, we guarantee that you will receive the ideal blinds, because we take the measurements for you, just to make sure that they will fit perfectly in your living space. After you try our pleated electric blinds, you will never want or have to use the traditional ones.

They are discrete and chic, which makes them great for just about any setting: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and conservatories. Their main characteristic is the pleated shape, which ensures the perfect stacking of the blinds when raised. They are made out of fabric, which comes in two versions: standard single pleat or cellular pleat, also known as duette.

Our pleated electric blinds come in various textures, patterns and colours, so you can match them to any room, colour scheme and design. The standard single pleat is obviously made out of a single layer of material. It requires the friction cords to run through the pleats in order to conserve their angle. Small visible holes need to be created so that the cords can run through. The main advantage of this kind of pleat is its low cost. Single pleats are affordable, so they are chosen by many people. However, the cellular ones are definitely more aesthetically pleasing. Duettes are made of two layers of material, linked to one another in a hexagonal shape. The cords run inside several hexagonal pockets, eliminating the visible holes. Moreover, the cords are also hidden, except for the blinds where translucent fabrics are used. Besides this advantage, the cellular pleat is thicker and offers greater insulation, great heat control, and, consequently, it helps you save energy.
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Pleated electric blinds are operated either through friction or a cord lock system. Based on an eight tension system that permits the lowering or raising of the blinds, the friction system needs no cords to keep the shades in a certain position, because they are fitted to the window. Friction operated blinds are great for conservatories, because they recess fit and leave sill free for ornaments. A spring within the figure of eight cord is used to create friction and tension. These blinds have limited width, up to 1500 mm, since the friction system cannot sustain larger shades. You can get the friction operated pleated blinds in three versions: perfect fit, intu and spring clip. Perfect fit and intu do not require drilling into the frames. They use a clip that slides and creates friction. The best version is perfect fit, because it offers exceptional insulation and light blocking properties. The spring clip blinds, however, cost less, and they require drilling procedures to be fitted to the window frame with screws.

For those of you who need large pleated electric blinds, the cord lock systems are the most appropriate shading solution. Not only do they have a great price, but they are also convenient because you can cover a larger surface, or multiple windows, with a single blind system. Since there is no friction, the width limits are lifted and large blinds are safely sustained. If you need to lower or raise these blinds, you just have to pull the cord towards the centre. Also, you can lock the blinds by simply pulling the cord to their outside. In case you have excess cord, our pleated electric blinds that are operated through a cord lock system also offer a cleat which can be used to wrap the excess cord.

And since technology has to be mixed with practicality, we also offer you remote controlled pleated electric blinds, which bring a touch of luxury in your home. Many people prefer them because they combine design and utility, without being too sumptuous. You can lower, raise, or block the blinds just by pushing a button. They are extremely useful for disabled or elderly people, since the operation is effortless. They are also perfect for homes with children, because they provide increased safety. Remote control blinds offer the possibility of lowering or raising each blind or a group of blinds.

These shades are only available in the free hanging format, the 24v version, because of their large head rail. They usually come with an additional feature, called the rms component. This feature counts the number of revolutions of the blinds until they reach the bottom of the window. The blind is thus pre-programmed to stop at the top and bottom of the window, but you can also stop it in between by using the remote control. You can also block the blinds in any position. The disadvantage is that not all types of pleated blinds offer a remote control option. For instance, neither intu, nor perfect fit can be operated with the help of a remote control. That is why we recommend you to read the section about pleated electric blinds on our website thoroughly, and even contact us for further information. For us, it is very important to offer you the shading solutions that fit your home best.

We encourage you to check out all the pleated electric blinds that we have for sale, because there must be at least one model that will appeal to you. Our team of professionals is ready to offer consultancy on the matter, either on the phone or by e-mail. Moreover, we can pay you a visit and help you decide what designs, fabrics or payment plan to choose. So, if you decide to buy pleated electric blinds from our company, call us right away, and we will do our best in order to make the delivery as fast as possible.

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