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If you want to combine tradition and modernism, sophistication and simplicity, style and practicality, when it comes to windows decoration and protection, nothing beats pleated blinds with remote control.

Motorized Blinds – Where Pleated Blinds with Remote Control Were Invented

In the past few years, automated blinds have become increasingly popular among the British population. As a direct result of this fact, more and more companies began to produce them at a large scale. Among them, Motorized Blinds has a well established reputation as one of the most appreciated RC blinds supplier. Our main concern is to keep our clients happy, offering products and services of the best quality. We also offer a set of related benefits, such us:

Free measurements – The service is available all across the UK. Our teams arrive at the clients’ premises at the time agreed and do their job with utmost professionalism. Measurements are taken with great attention and accuracy, in order to ensure perfect windows coverage and efficient protection against sun glare and sunlight.

Diversity of products – Pleated blinds with remote control aren’t the only kind of products we offer at Motorized Blinds. You can also find a superb range of fitted venetian blinds, as well as roller and roman blinds. However, if none of the custom made products fit the size of your windows, we can always offer you made to measure blinds of all types.

Respect towards our costumers – Our sales staff members are carefully trained, so they always show the greatest consideration when it comes to the clients’ wishes and their choice of particular products. We never pressure our clients into signing deals they are not sure of, and we do our best to comply with their suggestions thoroughly.

Low prices – Besides the great volume of sales, that allows us to practice minimum price additions, we also acquire our raw materials straight from the source, cutting back on intermediary expenses and ensuring the best quality at the same time. Thus, you can count on us to provide you with the cheap but practical and durable pleated blinds with remote control you were looking for.

Website – Nowadays, Internet is the base of most successful businesses, and since it allows us to get to our customers in real time, we have developed our own website, with an intuitive and easy to navigate design and information you are bound to find valuable. Visiting, you can browse through our latest offers, and stay up to date with our newest discounts. Also, tools like the free calculation program and price quotations may come in quite handy for your budget planning sessions.

Pleated Blinds with Remote Control – Do You Really Need Them?

The question has been asked ever since the products appeared on the market. “The manually operated blinds are good enough, there is no need for these high-tech, complicated shading solutions, full of useless bells and whistles”, quite a few people said in the beginning, but time proved that they couldn’t be more wrong.

The pleated blinds with remote control are, above all, extremely practical. With them, there is no need to interrupt your current activities in order to adjust the light level manually. With the single touch of a button, the problem is instantly solved, without you having to lift a finger.

It is just perfect for older or ill people, who have trouble moving without help. Also, they represent a comfortable option for those working in an office. They are no longer forced to abandon their work in order to adjust the blinds. Besides, there are many other benefits affecting people’s everyday lives, once the blinds with remote control are adopted as a shading solution.

Pleated Blinds with Remote Control – Advantages and Features

Several types available – The best known are the single pleated and the multi cellular or duette ones. Although the ones in the first category are cheaper, the ones in the second category come with more benefits. They offer better protection against the effects of sunlight and sun glare, and they also keep a cool, pleasant atmosphere inside.

Thermally insulated – It is widely known that, during the winter, a great deal of warmth is lost through the houses’ doors and windows. Using pleated blinds with remote control helps you save money on heating fuel, as they ensure excellent temperature control, preventing the warmth to be wasted. Multi cellular pleated blinds do an even greater job from this point of view.

Easy maintenance – Usually, a moist piece of cloth and some ordinary cleaning fluid are perfect for the job. In the case of single pleated blinds, the task is facilitated by their particular fan-like form. For duette blinds, however, the procedure is a little bit more difficult, but not impossible.

Operation – The most common model of pleated blinds with remote control from the operation point of view is the 24 Volt power electrically operated one. The 240 Volt and battery operated options are only rarely met for this particular type of sun shades.

High utility – As far as homes are concerned, they fit everywhere: in the bathroom, bedroom, living room or even kitchen. However, used at a greater scale, they ensure the best light protection for schools, offices and hotels.

Design – It covers both aesthetics and functionality, being available in a large variety of colors and materials. Thus, you can always find remote controlled pleated blinds to match your floor, carpet or furniture, the color of the walls or some beautiful floral model you cannot get out of your head. Besides, these blinds make a great choice when it comes to saving money and adding a touch of luxury to your home.

As noticed, automatic blinds are fit for any home, from several points of view. They are not just a whim, but a necessity that simplifies everyday routine considerably. When the benefits are so obvious, and the investment is made on long term, the price no longer matters.

Whether you place your order by phone or online, what matters in that, in just a matter of days, sometimes on the spot, you can have the pleated blinds with remote control installed and ready to use.

We supply and fit Electric blind systems Nationwide, recently we have fit powered blinds in Halifax, Harrow, Reading, Aylesbury and Bristol.

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