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Mains powered blinds are just the kind of electric blinds you need if you want to cover vast surfaces. Extremely large blinds that cover multiple windows or door expanses cannot be powered just with batteries; they need powerful motors that can set them in motion. The advantage is that you will no longer have to occasionally check to see if the batteries need replacement. Your blinds will be easily powered using a nearby socket or a fused spur with 240 volt electrical supply, so they will function at all times, with no disruptions.

Battery operated blinds are in fact recommended in places where they will not need to be moved up and down; batteries are only designed to ease your commands when you want to tilt the blinds, so that you can filter the light. While they are genuinely lovely alternatives, we would strongly recommend you to opt for mains powered blinds if the kind of window covers that you need are rather wide and have a significant drop.

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If you are concerned about installation, you must know that we have included this service in our offer. We are able to provide measurement and installation services to all people living in the UK. You can contact us online and tell us what address we must come to. We are some of the best suppliers of extra large blinds, and we can respond to industrial requests – for example, in case you need numerous similar blinds for places such as schools, hotels or offices. We provide measurement and installation services for this kind of buildings as well, as we have an extended range of services, which goes way beyond the residential segment. We provide custom made mains powered blinds, which are ideal for places that accommodate many people, either for work, lodging, entertainment, illness, or anything else.

Also, in case you need a large number of electronic blinds, you should know that we practice attractive prices – far better than similar offers that you will find on the market. We are in a strong relationship with the manufacturers, from which we get all of our components, so we can afford to sell you the blinds very cheap, as our costs are also low. Generally, people do not think about changing their curtains or blinds frequently, and even if they change their furniture or renovate their homes, they still use their old window covers. By practicing low prices, we encourage all of you to come one step closer to the latest tendencies in interior design and add an extra sparkle to the home of your dreams.

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Our mains powered blinds are not only designed for homes. We offer a variety of styles that can match more “angular” places, while adding a bit of the liberty and creativity they lack. Our designs will not at all be inappropriate in hospitals, offices, conference rooms, nursing homes or even churches. We can successfully deal with consistent variations in the height of the ceiling, variations in the shape, size and numbers of the windows, as well as variations in the optimum amount of light required. Our mains powered blinds have numerous levels of adjustments, and there is only little effort involved in setting them in position. Therefore, the above mentioned places will get a lot of benefits from using our blinds.

Furthermore, our mains powered blinds are also silent, so in case you need to change their angle and position during exams, important meetings, or any other similar situations, you can do it without bothering the persons that are in the room. Also, they can function under flexible conditions, meaning that you should not face troubles because of low or high temperatures, slight humidity or wind.

Another important characteristic of our blinds is that they rely on powerful motors, which have a prolonged lifespan, and will not let you down if you need to adjust the blinds constantly. Therefore, you can opt for wooden electric blinds and forget about the concern that the motor will not be able to handle the weight. The technology encompassed by our motors ensures total raise, lowering and tilt control. Our home automation systems are simple and efficient, and they will not ruin the appearance of your room in any way, as they are extremely discreet and tasteful.

The materials that our blinds are made from are also top quality and highly durable. We have taken care of concerns such as cogging, discoloration, glare, and even fire danger. They are non-toxic and utterly safe, so they can be installed in the proximity of kids or patients without any worry.

If you need further assurances, you must also know that we provide extended guarantee for all of our mains powered blinds, so that you can be sure you will be able to enjoy many years to come. Think about all the benefits we offer and get in touch with us right now. We can at least come and do some measurements and estimate the costs, so that you can draft a budget. We can also take a look at your electric main, to determine the best way in which we can supply your blinds with the required power.

You should not look for in-depth information or DIY tips on how to set up mains powered blinds yourself, as we will take care of everything for you. If you have any questions, we friendly suggest you to contact us directly in order to get things straight.

If you live or work in large places where too much light comes in, and where there is too little privacy, it is time to embrace a modern approach and install some modern electric blinds. Turn to us and we will offer you the lowest prices, the best guarantee, the widest and the most fascinating range of patterns, complemented by our professional advice and our straightforward instructions about use and maintenance. We offer some of the best mains powered blinds you can find in the UK, and we never let our customers down.

We supply and fit Electric blind systems Nationwide, recently we have fit remote control blinds in Manchester, Watford, Windsor, Mansfield and Nottingham.

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