Remote Control Blinds


[fgallery id=1 w=515 h=202 t=0 title=”Electric Blinds”] The electric blinds in the gallery above represent just a small selection of our products, although we fit motorized window shading in houses we also supply remote control blinds to commercial businesses. Our team are ready to take your calls and can assist you in obtaining a price for both single blinds and larger packages, most prices can be provided over the phone or via email, if though you have a conservatory or need a large number of blinds we will carry out a “FREE” survey. We offer this service throughout the UK and operate 7 days a week, during the survey we will also show you a selection of our fabric and colour swatches. Once the surevy is complete the price will be calculated in accordance with the blind’s you have chosen, this will be given to so that you can compare our prices with additional companies.

Electric Blind advice

Our team are happy to provide advice on not only the cost of electric blinds but also on which are the best types to buy, you see there are many kinds ranging from battery powered to mains powered. Our specialists will advise you on which will suit you better, this may actually save you money when it comes to wiring in your blinds.

Electric blinds are the ultimate hi-tech accessories that cannot miss from any respectable commercial or residential property. There are various technologies that underlie the functionality of these window blinds. They can be adjusted using remote controls, wall switches, sensors or timers, but, basically, they are either battery powered or mains powered.

Electric window blinds are all about comfort, simplicity and minimal design. Their versatility and increased functionality make them perfect to be used in homes, offices, educational institutes, guesthouses or stores. They come in a wide range of styles that can match the appearance of all kind of interiors. There are roller blinds, wooden blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds or roman blinds – all of which are automated.

Electric blinds can satisfy superior demands, which most of us would not have even thought of. First of all, they are excellent for places with large, out of reach windows. Any other kind of window covers that do not benefit from automation is useless in this case, since it becomes almost impossible for you to control the amount of light that enters the room or even keep the covers clean. Electric window blinds are, therefore, the only practical kind of window covers. Not only that they are functional but, in the case of large windows, as well as in any other kind of scenarios, they excellently blend in with the room and make it seem spacious, airy and carefully decorated. They do not make you or other people feel that hard efforts have been made to ensure the privacy of the room, but they do add a modern, elegant touch to the overall atmosphere.

We, at, provide a wide range of electric blinds, different in style and functionality. According to the kind of building where the blinds will be used, to the kind of people who will be using them, and to the frequency with which they will be adjusted, we deliver different solutions and help you choose the one that suits you best. Our blinds can be easily used by elderly people, they can be discreetly adjusted during meetings, courses or exams, and they can offer complete privacy or allow you to enjoy beautiful vistas. We specialise in all types of blinds, so we can cover all kind of demands, and since electric blinds are quite difficult to be installed, especially in places like hotels or schools, we also provide measurement and installation and offer programming instructions.

Our services extend to all locations in the UK, so any owner of a residential property or manager of a commercial property in the country can successfully turn to us to redecorate their windows with style and professionalism. We can easily supply a large number of blinds for premises that require it.

Other precious details you should know about our electric blinds are that they are manufactured with high-quality materials, the main goal of the fabrics being durability and efficiency. Through our superb range of blinds, we deliver UV protection, heat protection, zero glare and impressive beauty. Our blinds will not deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and they will not harm your eyes, because they are intelligent in filtering the harmful sun rays. Moreover, we have designed our blinds with low voltage motorisation, so that they are environmentally friendly. Moreover, if you are concerned about your electricity bills, know that our electric window blinds consume very little electricity.

Electric blinds are also excellent additions to premises with multiple adjacent windows, as it is the case of numerous apartments and offices nowadays. They will look astonishing and they will also save you a lot of time, since they are so easy to set in an adequate position. No other blinds will allow you to adjust them under such a wide variety of angles. Electric window blinds let you play with the light and use it to your maximum benefit. You no longer have to choose between the awkward darkness and the unbearable light. You can filter the amount of light that enters the room, and use it to accentuate certain pieces of furniture or interesting patterns. You can use the light to create a soft atmosphere, in which people can study, relax, sleep, paint, have fun or just spend time with each other.

Our electric blinds can be used in all kinds of premises, as we provide you with models that are appropriate for different sizes of windows and rooms, different functionalities of the rooms, and even different architectural styles. You can choose from the simplest kind of blinds that can be used in places such as bathrooms or storage rooms, to the most exquisite models that can be used in places such as bedrooms or conference rooms.

Our electric blinds are not affected by temperature variations, so you can use them for the windows leading to the terrace or any other similar places. Furthermore, we also have viable alternatives to be used in humid places, such as the bathroom. Our window blinds that work on battery present no danger due to the low voltage. In addition, we always enclose the motor in the head rail or roller tube, to protect it from steam and condensation. We also use special fabrics, which will not become mouldy in time. However, for perfect functionality, we advise you not to place the blinds directly on top of the shower, bathtub or sink. They should be installed in an area where possible splashing will not reach them, if your window positioning allows you.

Whatever kind of electric blinds you need, we will surely find a solution that matches your taste and necessity. You can confidently turn to us for advice. We can come and check the place where you want the blinds installed and you can ask us as many questions as you like. We can do some measurements for you, advise you about the type of blinds you should opt for and estimate the costs.

We sell high quality electric blinds at the best prices possible, as we source directly from the manufacturers, and we offer prompt customer support, to make sure every single client will gladly work with us again.

Our Company Supplies and Fits automated blinds Nationwide, recently we have fit automated blinds in Derby, Watford, Slough, Cambridge and Wolverhampton.

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