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Electric vertical blinds are sometimes ignored by people who seek nice window covers for their homes or offices. This happens because this sort of blinds are not necessarily perceived as elegant or efficient, when, on the contrary, they actually have numerous attributes that make them desirable and appropriate to be used in various places.remote control electric vertical blinds

We, at, have paid particular attention to our range of vertical blinds, designing them in a highly fashionable manner and using only top quality materials with excellent light control and temperature control properties.
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Vertical blinds can be manufactured from metal, plastic and fabric, but fabric enables decorators to use a wide variety of colours, as well as texture variations. This makes vertical blinds look elegant, modern and distinguished. In addition, the blinds gain the ability to achieve almost total protection against UV rays. Vertical blinds indeed have one of the most excellent abilities to control light, as they can rotate up to 180 degrees, and they can be left to station either on the left or right side, or they can even split in the centre. This way, they allow you to protect only specific areas of the room, while letting the light fall on others.

Our electric vertical blinds are powered by sturdy motors that allow you to control them easily and smoothly. Automation is necessary, especially for vertical blinds, which are usually used to shade large windows or windows placed in areas that are out of reach. With the help of a remote control, or a wall switch, you can now adjust your electric vertical blinds in the exact manner you like.

We would suggest that you use vertical blinds for living rooms or study rooms, as they are the best in directing the light towards the chosen point of interest. So, there will be no need to make use of artificial light when you have guests over or when you want to read, write or work on the computer. If you like to paint, these blinds can prove to be an unexpected help, as they let you play with the light and manipulate it to the top of your bent. You can use our electric vertical blinds to divert attention from certain corners of the room or to protect certain pieces of furniture from sun rays, while still enjoying the natural light that enters your home.

If you purchase our electric vertical blinds, you will no longer have to worry about how to obtain optimum illumination of the room with no sun glare. Vertical blinds let you filter the light in a way that no other sort of blinds is able to.

Usually, vertical blinds are used to decorate large spaces. They are recommended when you need to cover large windows, multiple adjacent windows or areas with wide window spans. This is why they are not only excellent alternatives for living rooms, dining rooms, studios or large, modern summer houses, but they are also great to be used in class rooms, offices, libraries, waiting rooms or dining halls.

We can supply a large volume of electric vertical blinds for premises with many rooms or floors, and, therefore, many windows to be covered.

In addition to their excellent way of filtering, distributing and diffusing light, vertical blinds also provide quite good insulation against heat, cold or noise. You should only leave them completely open in nice spring days; in the rest of the time, keep them somewhere in between entirely closed and fully open, especially since they allow you to try so many opportunities.

Our electric vertical blinds are also nice additions if you have some large sliding glass doors in your house. In fact, the truth is that you can essentially use them to cover any sort of windows and doors, especially since they are easier and faster to operate than regular horizontal blinds. They also match the position of the furniture and doors better. In addition, if you are using other kinds of blinds for your other rooms (for instance roller blinds, or roman blinds), vertical blinds will complement them well, so that there will not be a big discrepancy between the rooms in your house.

We provide our clients with made to measure electric vertical blinds, so that they will be able to cover even the oddest spaces. We also provide installation, so they will not have to struggle with those large spaces that need to be covered. We can provide vertical blinds with different widths, densities and drops, styled in a wide variety of patterns and colours.

If simplicity is the main attribute that you want for your blinds, then our electric vertical blinds should be just what you are looking for. The louvers of vertical window blinds let you control the sun rays that get into the room, and the rotation of the louvers allow you to fully ban solar light, at the same time allowing you to gain privacy.

Vertical blinds protect your home from bugs, when the weather is nice enough to allow you to keep your windows open. Furthermore, they enable you to keep a place cool in summer, which may prove vital for offices as well. On the other hand, vertical blinds allow you to trap the heat inside your home when outside is freezing.

Another great attribute of vertical blinds that we are sure that you have not considered is the fact that they get far less dust settled on them than other kinds of blinds. In addition, their wide slats allow for an easy use of a duster every once in a while.

We, at, deliver the most user-friendly electric vertical blinds, which anyone will enjoy. We have many homeowners, as well as companies, particularly interested in our range of modern vertical blinds.

Once again, our electric vertical blinds are most likely to suit you if you are looking for modern, automated window shades, which are still easy to use, and are able to cover large or oddly shaped spaces and offer the best sun light control possible.

Our Company Supplies and Fits motorised blinds Nationwide, for example we have recently fit electric blinds in Derby, Harrow, Reading, Colchester and York.

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