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As well as electric roller blinds we also sell motorised venetian blinds, these can be controlled via remote control, mobile app or wall switch. What are electric venetian blinds? Electric venetian blinds are one of the most popular choices of many house or business owners, because of their sleek design, varied models and colours, and the great insulation and privacy they offer. If you are interested in obtaining a price we will visit you and measure for free, will will then show you the various colour options and work out a price. All this is free and without obligation to buy, we offer this service because we are confident our prices will be hard to beat.
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They are characterized by their small and delicate slats, and that it why some people call them mini blinds. However, the slats come in different widths, from the elegant 16 mm to the strong 50 mm.

Some say that these blinds were originally invented in Venice, or else they would not have this name. However, a common belief among professionals and designers in the business suggests they were first invented somewhere else in Europe, a long time ago, to bring privacy to homes and offices.
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Of course, in the early days, the blinds were not motorized, the house owner had to tilt them or raise them manually. With the technology development of recent years, and man’s continuous search for comfort, electric blinds have made their way on the market. Now, most of the blind models sold are electric, and the advantages they bring are so numerous, it is no wonder many people decide to get rid of their old manual blinds and replace them with electric ones. The electric blinds usually come with a remote control, so you can change the tilt of the blinds or raise them to let sun in without getting out of bed.
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Electric venetian blinds types

venetian electric blindsElectric venetian blinds can have either metal or wood slats. You can choose wood or metal, depending on the type of room you want to install your blinds, or the furniture you have in the room. For a modern, minimalist and luxurious room, metal blinds are more appropriate. The same thing goes for offices, hotels and institutions, where the atmosphere is sober and official. On the other hand, wood blinds give a cosy feeling, and match small, traditional design rooms, like bedrooms or living rooms, where the furniture is mostly wooden.

It is very important to think about the design of the room before deciding on one type of electric venetian blinds or the other. Fancy, colourful, metal models might ruin the traditional atmosphere of a room. If you have a hard time deciding on what type of model goes best with the room, you could ask an interior designer for advice. Also, electric venetian blinds have different widths. Small widths look very delicate, elegant and sophisticated, but larger widths are more practical because, when stacked, they occupy a smaller space than small width blinds. The smallest metal blinds have a width of 16 mm, while the larger are 50 mm wide. There are also medium dimensions of 25 and 35 mm.

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Wood blinds are slightly wider than metal blinds. The smallest have a width of 25 mm, but larger models are 35 or 50 mm wide. Different widths have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is better to take them all into consideration when making a decision. There are some models larger than 50 mm in width, but they are as common or as popular as the other dimensions.

Models, textures, features of different electric venetian blinds

The cord of the blinds can be either a ladder or tape cord. You can find metal or wood blinds that have either one type of cord or the other, but the usual choice is tape for wood blinds and ladder for metal blinds. There are endless choices in terms of colours, models and textures. Wood slats can be either painted with exquisite models, or stained. There are different textures you can choose from, but most of the wood blinds have a grain texture.

Metal venetian blinds offer a wide array of choices: the textures and models are modern and eye catching. You can choose different effects (hammered, metallic, wood, perforated etc.) and opt for simple electric venetian blinds or models that have beautiful patterns.

Different technologies

The best known electric venetian blinds have a cord lock system, which is the traditional way of raising the slats. However, there is another option available. For small, UPVC window frames, you can go for a friction operated system. These models must be perfectly fitted in the window frame, but their advantage is the fact that they do not have a cord lock system and cleats. Manual venetians have the above mentioned cord lock system, that helps you raise the slats, and a tilt rod you can use in order to change the tilt angle of the slats.

There are two varieties of electric venetian blinds with remote control, depending on the technology used in order to raise or tilt the blinds. Some models have only an electric tilt, but you have to raise the slats manually, with the help of the cord lock system, while others are completely motorized, so you can raise and tilt the slats with the help of the remote control. However, the first choice is the most popular one, because nobody uses the raise function very often. Also, the electric tilt RC blinds do not use much power, so they work on batteries. They are very affordable, and the appealing price is what makes them such a popular choice, especially among small home owners.

The second option, that is completely motorized, offers two choices: there are 24 volt and 240 volt models you can choose from. The 24 V are small and light, therefore they might be more appropriate for small rooms and windows, while 240 V models can be quite large, and could occupy a lot of space. There are two options in terms of the automated control, also, and these options depend on voltage. You can choose either radio remote controlled blinds, or hard wired blinds, depending on the size of the room, and your own budget. offers a wide range of exquisite electric venetian blinds for homes, offices, schools or hotels, for bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms, and for any type of budget. If you have any questions regarding our electric venetian blinds, feel free to ask us and we will offer you assistance in choosing the best model for your room.

If you do not like the look of venetians you may be interested in another type of blind, for example electric roller blinds are an excellent alternative. If you are confused and would like some help in choosing your blinds, please feel free to us a call.

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