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Electric roman blinds are the perfect choice for people who want to enjoy a warm, friendly and private atmosphere, without blocking sunlight completely. These blinds are also called Roman shades or fabric shades, because they are made out of fabric that is folded when the blinds are raised.

electric roman blindsBecause they are made out of fabric, and not metal or plastic, like other types of blinds, electric roman blinds are more similar to the traditional curtain, and match traditionally designed rooms and spaces better. They bring, however, a touch of modernity and comfort, because they can be easily raised with the help of a rope, or a remote control, if the blinds are electric.
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We have one of the largest selections of roman blind fabric in the UK, we can easily arrange for someone to visit you in any part of the country. They can show you a massive selection of swatches and at the same time provide a free measuring service, this will provide you with 100% accurate measurements.
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Different types of electric roman blinds: flat and hobbled

Roman blinds are constructed by attaching slats to the back of the fabric, and connecting these slats with the help of a rope. When the rope is pulled, the slats raise and force the fabric to fold itself.

There are two popular designs for roman blinds: flat blinds and hobbled, or teardrop blinds. When unfolding the flat blinds, the fabric stays completely flat, unlike the teardrop blinds that offer a wave effect, because they are created with excess fabric. This pleated effect is very much appreciated by many house owners and interior designers because it is softer and offers greater insulation. The visual effect is also more pleasant than the plain effect created by flat blinds.

However, in some spaces, flat blinds work better, because of their minimalism and simplicity. For example, this type of blind works better in some kitchens, while the soft teardrop blinds are perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. Also, offices and institutions are spaces that require sobriety, so flat blinds are most appropriated. Before ordering roman blinds, you have to make sure the models match the purpose and design of the room. Also, flat blinds might be easier to clean and maintain than the sophisticated hobbled blinds.

Different materials and fabrics

There are many fabrics you can choose from, the offer is extremely generous. Electric roman blinds can be made either from natural fabrics like linen, cotton, silk or hemp, or from synthetic materials. The amount of sunlight that the materials allow to pass through them also differs, depending on the thickness of the fabric used, or whether liners have been used in order to block light.

Thin materials permit sunlight to enter the room, and this creates a very warm and intimate atmosphere. However, some models block sunlight completely, so you can enjoy perfect privacy at any time of day or night.

You can order customized electric blinds that fit the size of your window and the design of the room perfectly. You can choose the colour, the pattern, the thickness of the fabric, the fabric itself, and the opacity of the material. You might also have to take into consideration the fabric’s washability and UV resistance.

There are some models of electric roman blinds that do not use fabric, but bamboo or reeds. These blinds are appropriate for both indoors and outdoors. These are a great choice in terms of design, because they look stunning and give an oriental feeling to the interior. The properties of such materials bring additional advantages: bamboo offers impressive temperature control, because of its natural cooling properties. Most of the bamboo models maintain the natural colour and texture of the material. A room coloured in mild, warm tones can receive a perfect finishing touch if bamboo blinds are installed.

As you can see, the offer is so wide that everybody can find a model and design that suits their specific needs and the characteristics of the space where the blinds are to be installed. If you are not sure what type of electric roman blinds to choose, ask an interior design for help, or just contact us at, and we will happily offer you assistance in choosing the perfect electric roman blinds from our collection or high class models.

Electric roman blinds – traditional models with modern technology

The first roman blind models were manually operated, by pulling a cord and raising them so that sunlight could enter the room. Now, electric models are available, so you can raise or lower the blinds with the help of a remote control. This automated system does nothing more than to increase comfort and ease of use, while keeping the appearance of an old and popular model of blinds.

The electrically operated blinds bring numerous benefits, not only for busy people and comfort loving ones, but mostly for individuals who suffer from different physical impairments, and have reduced mobility. The elderly and the arthritis sufferers can enjoy the ease of use offered by a remote controlled blind system. This technology improves the inhabitants’ independence and control over their environment. Electric roman blinds also offer increased safety for children and pets, because the cord that manual blinds use doesn’t exist. Therefore, children and pets do not have the opportunity of pulling the cord, and accidents are prevented.

Some electric roman blinds offer an automatic timer feature, which gives owners the possibility to control the time when the blinds are raised and lowered. Other sophisticated models offer temperature control. Depending on the room and outside temperature, the blinds automatically choose the level of sunlight allowed into the room.

At, you can find an impressive offer of affordable electric roman blinds, designed for homes or business. Our experience in the field helped us become one of the top companies in the UK. We can create customized models of electric roman blinds that fit the space and the interior design of any type of room.

Measurements are extremely important when ordering blinds, so we have created a free measurement service to answer the needs of our customers and provide them with the best options, depending on the size of the windows and the overall aspect of the interior space. The electric roman blinds at have the highest cost-efficiency on the market, because we like to keep our customers satisfied.

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