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Electric roman blinds for windows are the perfect combination of tradition and modernism. They are very different from other kinds of blinds, since the roman blinds are made of fabric, so they resemble the traditional curtain. This is a great thing for those who have a traditionally designed room or house, because these blinds are a perfect match. However, electric roman blinds for windows bring a modern touch to the interior of a house.

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There are usually 2 kinds of electric roman blinds: with flat blinds or with hobbled blinds. The difference between them becomes clear when you unfold them. When lowered down, the fabric of the hobbled blinds is pleated, while that of the flat blinds stays straight and without any creases. The hobbled blinds are more appropriate for homes rather than offices, since the wave effect gives off a gentle, stylish air that doesn’t match the sober atmosphere of offices. Also, the hobbled blinds offer better temperature control than the flat blinds. The latter, however, are much better suited to office rooms, because they are a simple, yet modern room accessory that claims to be practical and sober. The flat blinds are also better suited to kitchens and bathrooms, where the hobbled blinds are a little bit too much, since there isn’t really any need to accessorize these rooms a lot. Besides, hobbled blinds are more difficult to maintain. So, before purchasing electric roman blinds for windows, make sure that the respective type of blinds matches the rooms you want to install them in.

Also, before purchasing electric roman blinds for windows, you should make sure that they will fit perfectly. In other words, take the window’s measurements, so you will not get angry when you realize that you have made a mistake and the blinds are too big or too small for your windows. We are well aware that anyone can make mistakes when taking measurements. This can happen for the most various reasons: for example, some people do not know from what point to what point they should take measurements, and the measuring tape can slip a little in the process, etc.

It is precisely for these reasons that we offer to come to your place and take the measurements for you, regardless of where you live in the UK. There is no need for you to worry about the price just yet, since this service is free of charge. While we are at your place, we can also calculate how much the installation will cost and offer you advice on the type of electric roman blinds for windows that would be most suitable for every room. We will also offer you information about the material the blinds are made of and present you the advantages and disadvantages of each material. You can also learn this information by contacting us directly, by phone, or online. Regardless of the means of contact you choose, we will make sure to provide you with detailed and accurate information regarding our electric roman blinds for windows.

Once you have decided that you want to install electric roman blinds for windows in your house, and you have also taken the correct measurements, there are only two issues left: price and material. While prices depends on several factors like the material used, the size of the blinds, the power of the motor etc, the material depends on one only factor: you. It is up to you to choose the material you want the blinds to be made of and its colour. Our range of electric roman blinds for windows includes several materials, each with its own advantages. The fabric used can be either natural, like cotton, silk or linen, or synthetic.

As soon as you have decided on the type of electric roman blinds you want, we will tell you which type of fabric filtrates sunlight better, which blocks it totally, and which offers better temperature control. Depending on the purpose of the respective room, a certain type of fabric can be useful, perfect, or inadequate. For example, thin fabric lets a lot of sunlight inside the room, creating a warm atmosphere. But if you like or need less light, it is better to use thicker fabric, which blocks more of the sunlight. There are also electric roman blinds for windows that do not use fabric as a base material. Instead, they are made of bamboo or reeds. Besides the unique oriental look and the luxury they offer, these blinds also help you keep a cool air in the room.

Of course, the best thing about our electric roman blinds for windows is that they are automated. This means that they can be easily lowered or raised with the help of a wall-switch or with a remote control; or even with both, if you prefer so. The fact that the blinds can be controlled without actually being near them increases the level of convenience and handiness of your own house. Being able to change the light and warmth levels inside the house with just one push of a button is a great innovation for your house. Also, these changes can occur without you even doing anything at the respective moment. You just need to set the timer on the wall-switch, and the blinds will lower or rise at whatever time of day or night you want them to do so.

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It is quite obvious that our electric roman blinds will be a great asset for you and your house. So call us or come straight to one of our stores and take a look at the great roman blinds we have for sale. Once you have decided on the electric roman blinds for windows that you want for you house, we will proceed with the details and make the first step towards improving the style and aspect of your house, and, as soon as we install them on your windows, you will realize what a great choice you have made.

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