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Electric pleated blinds have a very simple and elegant design, which makes them perfect for kitchens, bathroom, offices and conservatories. Their distinctive characteristic is their pleated shape, and their property of stacking perfectly when raised. They are usually made out of fabric, and they come in various textures and colors, so they can be matched to any type of room and design. Many people prefer them because they express the perfect balance between design and utility, and are beautiful without being extremely sophisticated or pretentious.

Types of electric pleated blinds: single and double

In terms of fabric, there are two available choices: standard single pleats and double pleats (also called cellular or duette).
Just as the names suggest, single pleats are made out of a single layer of material. Small holes have been created in the fabric in order to attach the friction cord. As a result, the cord and the holes are visible, which is a design disadvantage of this type of pleated blinds. The main advantage it brings is the good quality price ratio. Single pleats are very affordable, so many people go for this type of blinds because of the appealing price.

Double pleats are made of two layers of material that are attached to one another in a hexagonal shape. The small honeycomb pockets thus created are the cells of the blinds, and the friction cord runs through these cells. As a result, no holes are made, and the cord is practically invisible. However, if the fabric that has been used to create the electric pleated blinds is thin, you might be able to see the shape of the cord in the light. The cord is completely invisible in the case of blackout blinds.

The greatest advantage of duette blinds is the fact that their double layer offers greater insulation than single pleats. This type of blinds is characterized by high heat control, so it can be a wise option if you are thinking to reduce energy expenses by installing blinds.

Electric pleated blinds – two types of operation

The electric pleated blinds can be operated through a friction system or a cord lock system. An eight tension system allows the lowering and raising of the blinds. There is no cord to keep the blinds in their position, because they are perfectly fitted to the window. The system uses a spring that creates tension and friction. This type of blinds has a width of maximum 1500 mm, because larger blinds cannot be sustained through the friction system.

There are three types of friction blinds: intu, perfect fit, and spring clip. Unlike the other two options, spring clips are fitted to the window frame through a drilling procedure. Intu and perfect fit use a clip that slides and created friction. The most advantageous type is perfect fit, because it offers increased insulation and blocks light better than the other two types.

If you are interested in installing larger blinds, a cord lock system is the only option available. There is no tension and friction involved; therefore, large blinds can be safely sustained through this system. In order to lower or raise the blinds, you have to pull the cord towards the center. Locking the blinds is possible by pulling the cord to the outside of the blinds. If you have excess cord hanging, you can wrap it with the help of cleats.

Electric pleated blinds that are operated through a cord lock system are more affordable, therefore more popular among buyers. Their affordability comes from the fact that you can cover a larger surface with a single blind system. If you were to cover large windows with friction operated blinds, you would have to buy more small blinds, and the price could be quite high.
Electric pleated blinds with remote control

For people who like comfort and luxury, remote controlled pleated blinds have been invented. You can lower, raise or block the blinds in their place by pushing a button. Lazy people will love this system. However, the persons that will benefit most are those that have a reduced mobility, like the elderly or disabled.

If you are interested in purchasing remote controlled pleated blinds, you should know that the only option available is 24V. The blinds have an additional feature, called the rms component, that counts the number of revolutions the blinds have to make until they reach their lowest or highest positions. You can block the blinds in whatever position you choose. They are programmed to stop at the top and bottom of the window.

Remote control blinds offer increased control, because you can lower or raise every blind individually, or in groups. If you have a larger window area, and want to lower all the blinds that cover it, you can do just that, with the help of your remote control.

However, you have to pay attention to the fact that not all the types of pleated blinds offer a remote control option. For example, intu and perfect fit cannot be controlled through a RC. It is advisable to do some extensive research on the type of electric pleated blinds you are interested in purchasing, so you can find out more about the features and characteristics they bring.

Where to find the best electric pleated blinds

Many UK firms selling blinds have websites where you can check out their offers and prices. Buying blinds online is one of the easiest and fastest methods available.

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