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Electric window blinds have become not only a necessity against sunlight, but also stylish items that can be important elements in a home design. Since technology allows us to include electrically controlled blinds in our homes, people have been saving a lot of time, energy, and money. Electric window blinds are classy and chic, yet also extremely practical and efficient.
Electric blinds Quote Finder Tool – Click Here

Electric Blinds Quote Finder Tool – Click Here

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We are one of UK’s top electric blind providers. All our window blinds are sourced in the UK and we can deliver a variety of custom made electric blinds all over the country. We also guarantee that our company provides you some of the cheapest and most hi-tech blinds in Britain. We offer such small prices because we get our materials directly from top manufacturers, thus there is no intermediate cost. Our website, always updated with information on our quotes, makes it possible for you to order online anytime. Also, we take pride in our team of specialists that can come to your house to take measures for your blinds in order to make sure that they will fit perfectly. They will also advise you on the type of electric blinds you should choose. Try our electric blinds for windows and you will immediately understand how cost-effective, useful and fashionable they are.

Electric blinds for windows are extremely practical in any kind of building because they can be fitted to any type of windows. For example, if your windows are large, or positioned very high, thus making access a problem, we offer you the perfect solution: our blinds are remote controlled. Moreover, the multiple control option allows you to lower, raise, open or close several blinds simultaneously, which saves you a lot of time.

Our electric blinds for windows are also useful in preserving the security of your home. Due to a function that allows you to pre-program the days and hours, you can have your blinds raised and lowered after a well determined schedule, giving the impression that there are always people inside. In addition to that, the blinds require no cords or manual operations, making them safe for children and very suitable for people who cannot move around easily. By pressing just one remote control button or switch, the blinds will do whatever you want them to do.

We can provide electric blinds for homes, conservatories, orangeries, offices, businesses, schools, for both old buildings and new projects, at the best price. If your order is for a larger project – a school, hotel, or office- then it may take a few extra days to put it together, but we will work as fast as we can, because we understand that nobody wants to wait too long.

Our electric blinds for windows operate with 6V, 9V, 12V, 24 V and even 240V electric motors, depending on the size of the blinds. The low voltage motors can be powered with AA batteries or, in the case of the 12 and 24V ones, with a mains adaptor. The 240V motors are mains powered. All the electric blinds for windows that we have for sale dispose of remote controls, and some can be integrated into home automation systems such as Lutron or Crestron.

The blinds are available in a large range of styles and colours that will enhance your interior design, being the perfect choice for any kind of traditional or contemporary layouts. The blinds are incredibly stylish and modern because we use additional materials such as plastic and acrylics to craft them. Thanks to the great components, our electric blinds for windows ensure insulation, certifying that your room will preserve heat during the winter, which means less energy consumption and, consequently, a smaller bill. During the summer, they provide the reverse effect, keeping the heat outside and ensuring a cool room, while also preventing insects from entering.

The electric blinds for windows that we provide come in several versions: fitted roller blinds, electric roman blinds, electric wood blinds, fitted Venetian blinds, fitted vertical blinds. The most common and popular are the vertical blinds, found in most homes and offices. They are easy to open, easy to operate and use less energy than other models, thus they are very affordable. Moreover, the vertical blinds are stronger than the horizontal ones, while also holding less dust. They are ideal for all rooms and living spaces.

Now that you got a few hints on how great our blinds are, you are more than welcome to visit our entire website and gather all the information you need before ordering. We also provide you with a phone number where you can call. A member of our team will offer you professional advice and will even carry out an on the spot survey. You will then be given a quote. Do not hesitate to compare it with quotes from our competition, we actually recommend this, because it shows how much better our offers are. If you like the quote provided, we will send our specialists to take the measurements and proceed with the ordering and installation of the electric blinds for windows. We can deliver anywhere in the UK, so do not worry about not being reachable. Of course, you can opt for custom made blinds, but we believe that the best blinds are those which fit your windows perfectly. Our team will also provide you with samples of fabrics and the afferent colours and patterns and will help you choose the perfect type of blinds for your home. When you have made your choice and you are completely satisfied with it, we can proceed with your order.

The electric blinds that we offer come with a guarantee, together with the promise that we use the latest technology and components and the most fashionable materials and fabrics to manufacture them. If you want the most affordable electric blinds, call us for a quote right now, and one of our specialists will be more than happy to give you suggestions about the perfect electric blinds for windows.

Electric Blinds for windows in the UK

We can supply and fit electric blinds for windows of all types, no matter if you have a bay window or large window in a modern structure we can help. We can supply both battery powered and mains powered blinds, these can be controlled via home automation, remote control or wall switch. We can either supply a quote via the phone or visit you in your home in order to show you our catalogues, we will also measure your windows for free so if you have a complicated structure such as a conservatory this can be a huge benefit to you.

We supply all types of blinds such as pleated, venetian, roller roman and vertical, we can also provide electric blackout and roman blinds. Our motorised blinds can be operated via remote control, home automation, timer or wall switch. We are happy to provide automated blinds for both single windows or large buildings such as hotels or schools.

Our free measuring service is well worth having, on so many occasions we have heard stories of people providing their own measurements, they then order their blinds to find they have made an error. Providing your own measurement’s is fine for obtaining an estimate, when it comes to purchasing you should always get the supplier to carry out a survey. Our surveys are provided free, we offer this service throughout the entire length of the UK.

More often than not a customer will come to us knowing which style of blind they wish to order, in a third of cases we find that the customer would be better suited to a different type of blinds. The reason for this is that different blinds suit different needs, some are better for light control whereas some excel in temperature or privacy. Be aware though that some companies will steer you towards a different design because they want to wither make more money, or they do not specialise in the style of blind you desire. This is why it is essential to obtain more than one opinion, also take notes because this can help separate the genuine experts from the franchise sales people.

More often than not the sales person will simply be a franchise agent, this is someone who works for a commission and only has a 2basic” knowledge of the product. They will probably have little experience in the industry and work from a brochure. You should always question the sales person as much as possible, it will not take long before you can ascertain their knowledge level. Doing this is vital especially when it comes to electric blinds, you see there are different kinds of electric blind, some are better for new build premises and some for older buildings. For example battery operated are best suited to existing premises, mains more so for new build. This is simply because it is easier to wire in systems when installing in a new build situation, battery blinds require no wiring so are better for older premises.

We arrange for someone to visit you from Monday to Sunday at your convenience, this can be at any time of the day including the evening. You will be givien access to hundreds of designs and informaed as to the best type of blind for you needs, then an “accurate measurment will be taken of every window needing blinds. Once this is done the price will be worked out and you will be offered a quote, once you have your quotation you can then shop arround and compare prices.

Be aware though that many sales people are trained to get your signature on the day, they will use all sorts of incentives to do this including fake end of line offers. Such tactics are widespread and you should not be pressuresed into buyiong, if you need electric blinds for windows and wish to talk to someone please feel free to give us a call.

Our free-phone number is listed on this page, if you would rather you can always use our onine quote tool which can also be found on this page.

We supply and fit Electric window blind Nationwide, recently we have fit powered blinds in Manchester, London, Slough, Thatcham and York.

UK Nationwide Electric Blind Supplier.