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People who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day, children and ill people can enjoy a restful sleep, no matter if it is day or night, with the help of electric blackout blinds. Electric blackout blinds are blinds that completely block sunlight. When the blinds are lowered, the room becomes dark, as if it were midnight. Many people prefer this type of electric blackout blinds, because they are very sensitive to sunlight, and cannot sleep if the room is not dark.

While some people use blackout blinds in order to get some sleep during the day, others prefer to lower the blinds at night, in order to enjoy privacy. When the blackout blinds are lowered, nobody can see inside the house. You have probably noticed that, at night, when lights are turned on, you can see inside your neighbours’ room perfectly. Maybe they are ok with this situation, but if you are not, you can protect yourself from other people’s curiosity by installing electric blackout blinds.

Actually, they were originally invented just for this purpose. In the Second World War, houses had blackout blinds, so at night, the enemy couldn’t see the lights of the houses and identify good targets.

Now, nobody is interested to protect themselves against enemies. However, many people consider that protecting privacy is almost as important as protecting one’s life, and that is why blackout blinds are still a popular choice, even nowadays.

Reasons to install electric blackout blinds

As we have mentioned above, there are some people who dislike the lack of privacy, and choose blackout blinds that are lowered at night. There is also the category of people who lower the blinds during daytime, because they want to rest. Some people work at night, and need to sleep during the day. Infants and children usually need more sleep than adults do, and sunlight could bother them.

Ill people can also benefit from the complete darkness blackout blinds offer. Sunlight can be disturbing for these people. If you have ever experienced severe headaches, you know how painful and annoying sunlight can seem. Many other people who suffer from various health conditions can find electric blackout blinds a good choice to increase their comfort.

New-born babies sleep most of the time, so having blackout blinds in the baby’s room or in the nursery can prove very helpful. The babies will have fewer opportunities to wake up and cry, so their mothers can rest well and regain their energy after a difficult period of their lives.

Electric blackout blinds are also recommended for conference rooms and school rooms where presentations are being held. When projecting a movie or a presentation in the daytime, there is a high risk that, because of the strong sunlight, the auditory will not see anything on the screen. By lowering the blackout blinds, this situation can be avoided, and presentations can be carried out perfectly at any time of day.

Not only conference rooms can benefit from the installation of blackout blinds, but also the rooms where people work at computers. When sunlight reflects on the screen of the computer, users might have a hard time working. So, in IT firms, and computer science laboratories, the comfort of computer users can be increased with the help of electric blackout blinds.

Other benefits of electric blackout blinds

Besides the obvious benefit of blocking sunlight completely this type of blinds brings, there are several other benefits home and business owners can enjoy by installing blackout blinds in their homes or offices.

The additional benefits refer to energy saving. Because blackout blinds do not allow sunlight to enter the room, it is easier to maintain a constant temperature inside. Therefore, climate systems will use less power in order to keep a pleasant temperature inside the house, and energy costs will be significantly reduced.

Blackout blinds are also very stylish, and match very well the needs and design of different commercial spaces or business rooms. Blackout blinds are not only helpful items, they are also an important design element of an interior, and can be the element that brings seriousness, sophistication and modernity to a room.

Do electric blackout blinds block sunlight completely?

If you are interested in buying opaque blinds, you can find a wide offer of materials that block sunlight. However, there are some blackout blinds that, although they carry this name, do not block sunlight perfectly. Depending on the material used and the type of design, blackout blinds might allow some amount of sunlight to enter the room.

This is a great option for people who would like to reduce the intensity of the sunlight that enters the room, but not completely. Some people hate perfectly dark rooms, and so do many children. When you have a child that is afraid of the dark, and you have to convince him/her to have a nap, you can order blackout blinds that are not totally opaque. This way, your child will sleep well, without fearing the dark.

Electric blackout blinds – increased comfort and ease of use

Electrically operated blackout blinds come with a great advantage: you can raise or lower them through the push of a button. For people who want to sleep more in the morning, but are disturbed by the sunlight, RC blinds were invented. Now, you can lower the blinds without getting out of bed, and continue your precious sleep.

If you install more sophisticated models, you can enjoy increased comfort. Some electric blinds have an automated timer and heat control features. So, if you have to go to work in the morning, program the blinds to raise and the sunlight will wake you up gently. If you are a sun loving person, you will not need any alarm clock to make you wake and go to school or work.

Check out our offers and choose the model and design you think is most appropriate for you house. Our electric blackout blinds are just what you needed in order to get a good day’s sleep and enjoy family moments without being disturbed by anybody.

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