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If you want to turn day into night inside your own house, then the electric blackout blinds for windows are the perfect solution for you. Blackout blinds are similar to normal blinds, the main difference being the material they are made of. The most common blackout blinds are based on the same concept and design as roller blinds. Our blackout blinds block at least 99% of the sunlight. The percentage varies from 99% to even 100%, depending on the blinds and the material used to cover them. Either way, the percentage is great for any kind of house.

The principle behind these electric blackout blinds for windows is that the coating of the blinds is opaque, meaning the sun will not get through it. Underneath the coating, the blackout blinds are basically the same as any other blinds. This is why there is also another option you can try: instead of buying new blackout blinds, you can have our company convert the blinds you have installed at home into blackout ones. Of course, it will cost you a bit, but if you are determined to keep your original electric blinds and you still want to have electric blackout blinds on your windows, then you are willing to pay the price. Pretty much any type of blinds can be converted into blackout blinds, but not all of them can offer total darkness. For example, vertical and Venetian blinds are both made by overlapping a certain number of slats. Thus, regardless of how tight the slats overlap each other, some light will still enter the room. On the other hand, roman and roller blinds are much more efficient as blackout blinds because, even as normal blinds, they do not let sunlight pass as much as other types of blinds do.

There are many advantages of having electric blackout blinds for windows. The most obvious advantage is that they block out sunlight and, generally, any type of light. This way, you can get a better sleep, wake up more energetic, and enjoy your privacy. It does not matter if you just like to sleep more in the morning or if you work during the night and need to rest in the afternoon. Whether it is daytime or night time, the electric blackout blinds for windows will offer you complete (or at least 99%) darkness, and thus, a good rest.

Electric blackout blinds for windows can also be installed in the bathroom, not just in other rooms, or the bedroom in particular. This way, you can enjoy your privacy to the fullest, without having to keep an eye for unwanted spectators.

Also, blackout blinds do not block just the light. Most of our blackout blinds block the noise as well. This means that the traffic noise or any other sound from outside will no longer disturb you from your work or rest. You can enjoy complete darkness and silence, thus being able to relax or concentrate on whatever it is that you are doing (watching a movie, playing on the computer, listening to music) without any sound interference from the outside. Also, some blackout blinds can keep the warmth in your home and reflect the sunlight and hot air during summertime. This is mostly available for the aluminium blackout blinds, but the other types of blackout blinds can do the same thing, only at a smaller rate.

What is also great about our electric blackout blinds is that they can be made of any material. Of course, you can choose to have them made only of fabric, as well. But other options present more advantages. For example, wood blinds are known to keep the summer heat out of the room, but at the same time to keep the warmth of the room inside for a longer period. Also, you can choose to have the blinds coated with a plate of aluminium on the outside. The aluminium will reflect the sunlight, and, thus, will further prevent the light from entering your room.

Another good quality of electric blackout blinds for windows is that they present the same advantages as any other electric blinds. First, their operation does not require any effort. You do not have to go and pull a cord to close them or open them. You just have to push a button on the wall or on the remote control. Second, they are silent, so they will not disturb your rest or your work. And, most important, they can be pre-programmed. That means that you can set the electric blackout blinds for windows to close a few moments after you usually go to bed, or to open at the hour when you usually wake up, thus functioning as an alarm that wakes you up not with noise, but with light.

There are basically two types of electric blackout blinds for windows: blinds that hang outside the window recess, called free hanging blinds, and the blinds that are enclosed in cassettes. The free hanging blinds, although they prevent light from passing through them, they let light slip by on the sides. These blackout blinds are well-suited for those who want enough darkness to be able to sleep quietly, but also some light to actually see in the room. On the other hand, free hanging blackout blinds cannot do a great job at blocking sound or heat. So, it would be better to choose a type of blinds that are enclosed in a cassette, so they will be as close to the windows as possible.

We offer a great variety of electric roller blinds and the prices vary as well. Contact us online or call us and we will come to you anywhere in the UK to present you our offer. Regardless of the purpose you purchase them for, the electric blackout blinds for windows are a must for any house because you can never know when you will need a good night sleep, some privacy, or just a few hours of peace in your noisy neighbourhood.

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