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If you have a window (or more) that is too wide, or too small for a normal set of blinds to fit it, then you should know that you can purchase some custom made electric blinds that will fit it (or them) perfectly.

There are many ways of getting into a situation when you need some custom blinds for your windows. You might have decided that your normally sized windows are too small for your room, so you have widened them. Or maybe you wanted to have several narrow windows instead of a few large ones. The other way around might be the case, as well: instead of several windows, you wanted a big, wide one. Or, perhaps, you broke down your outside wall and installed a glass wall. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: now you need some custom made electric blinds to protect your house and yourself from blinding sunlight and unbearable summer heat.

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There are many companies in the UK that provide custom made electric blinds, and our company is one of them. So, contact us without fear and we will discuss our offer and prices on the phone, online, or in person.

First, you should know that even though the blinds you want need to be custom made, it doesn’t mean that your options will narrow down. Every kind of electric blinds can be custom made to fit your windows, regardless of their size or shape. But it is up to you to decide what type of custom made electric blinds you want on your windows. Each type has its own advantages, its own style, and each one gives a different touch to your rooms and to the entire house. Some may change the interior style, while others might complete it perfectly.

Venetian blinds are the most common, but also the easiest to clean. Pleated blinds are popular, because they fold perfectly and are beautiful without attracting too much attention. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, are modern and elegant, giving a touch of luxury to the room. Roller blinds have the advantage of giving you the possibility to print a design on them, thus contributing to the originality of your house interior. And finally, blackout blinds offer you the advantages of each of the other blinds, depending on the type of blinds they are based on. Also, they block out the light and sound completely, offering you complete privacy. Each one of these custom made electric blinds will perfectly fit your tastes, your windows and your budget.

After choosing the type of custom made electric blinds that you want, you should decide on the material they will be made of, as well. You get to choose from the wide range of materials that we have for sale. Plastic is the most commonly used material, because it is easy to clean. On the other hand, if you choose aluminium blinds, you will get better light control, and you will not have to worry about dusting the slats, since aluminium is known to repel dust particles. Vinyl is also known for having the same advantages as aluminium, and, although vinyl blinds cost more, they will give your house a unique look, so it might be worth it.

Wood, on the other hand, is cheaper than aluminium or vinyl, and, although it does not offer as much light control as the other two materials, it still controls the light very well, and it also offers great temperature control. And there are several types of wooden materials that you can choose from: beside real wood, you can go for faux wood, which is easier to maintain, or for basswood, which will protect you from ultra-violet rays better than any other type of blinds.

The custom made electric blinds that are made of fabric are one of the most popular choices. Although they are a little difficult to clean, they give both a traditional feeling to the room, since they resemble curtains, and a modern and elegant touch to the room’s interior style. These fabric blinds can also be imprinted with a colourful pattern, either from the range of designs that we offer, or from your own imagination.

After you have chosen both the type of custom made electric blinds that you like and the material that they will be made of, you should choose their method of operation. You can choose to install a wall-switch or you can go for a remote control. You can even choose both methods, but the price will go up a bit. Also, some blinds offer the option of connecting them directly to the house’s wiring. If you prefer not to, then you will have to choose the type and power of the motor for your future custom made electric blinds.

Only after you have decided on all these things, we can truly discuss how much it will cost. But if you want custom made blinds, then you are probably prepared to pay more than you would for ready-made blinds. And you are also prepared to benefit from their advantages. Custom made electric blinds offer the same advantages as any other electric blinds, but they are designed to fit your tastes, needs and interior design perfectly.

It is not necessary for you to have windows of unusual sizes in order to be able to purchase some custom made blinds. It is enough to want something unique, personal, or above normal standards. We will give you the perfect blinds that you need in order to complete or upgrade the style of your room and/or house, and to impress anyone that will see them, whether from inside the room, or from the street. Our offer is limited only by your imagination, creativity, and desire to have a room like no one else has. Custom made electric blinds are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make their room and house stand out with the unique look, elegance, and luxury that they have chosen.

We supply and fit motorised blinds Nationwide, for example we have recently fit electric blinds in Halifax, London, Windsor, Oxford and Loughborough.

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