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Blackout Blinds with Remote Control

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If you work on the night shift and you are forced to sleep during the day, or simply can’t stand too much sun glare invading your house in the afternoon, getting blackout blinds with remote control solves these problems instantly.

Types of Blackout Blinds with Remote Control

The main quality of these products is that they ensure total darkness in the room where they are installed, even if, outside, the sun shines very hard. This way, the people and objects inside the house are protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. Besides, they are very easy to handle. On top of all these, most motorized blackout blinds offer a great diversity of models:

– Pleated blinds – They are perfect for those who want to enjoy total darkness in every room. Particularly the multi cellular variant, with the unique honey comb design, does a great job.

– Roman blinds. They are not usually designed for totally blocking the sunlight, but rather to filter it, softening the harshness of the aggressive glare. However, the ones made of wood can successfully complete this function successfully as well.

– Venetian blinds – They are the best choice for darkness. Their large, dense slats block the light completely, leaving the room perfectly shaded and even in pitch darkness, at noon or during the hot summer days. This feature makes the venetian blinds the most popular type of blackout blinds with remote control.

– Vertical blinds – Their structure allows a high level of shading as well. Although they are mostly used as a shading solution in offices, schools and commercial premises, where a certain level of light is usually needed, they have the blackout function too.

Motorized Blinds – Your Supplier for Blackout Blinds with Remote Control

Due to the high demand of remote controlled blinds, quite a few companies have specialized in the field. In the UK, our brand, Motorized Blinds, is among the most trusted and popular. The statement doesn’t belong to us, but to our thousands of satisfied customers. Their choice is always based on the advantages we offer.

– Free measurements – Our company provides this service in any part of the country, no matter how far. The staff is highly qualified, and measurements are made with great accuracy at all times. Besides, our teams arrive always on our clients’ doorstep in the shortest time possible.

– Respect for the costumer – Any order is treated with maximum of responsibility, no matter the number or size of blackout blinds with remote control you want to purchase. More than that, our sales representatives are instructed not to put pressure on the clients but to respect their wishes. Also, the contract is signed only after all the details are explained.

– Cheap products – We get our materials straight from the source, at incredible prices, so we can surprise our customers with prices they can afford to pay and even special discounts. Nevertheless, our blackout blinds with remote control and all the other products sold by our company are of the highest quality.

– Online presentation – Showing great receptivity towards all that is new, our company is also present online. If you access, you will find the latest in products, offers and special discounts. Also, free quotations and price calculations are offered for free. It is the fastest way to find out everything that interests you and even order your blinds online, straight from the comfort of your home.

– Various options – Our blackout blinds with remote control offer is really wide, covering everything from custom made vertical and horizontal RC blinds to perfectly fitted roman blinds, venetian or vertical blinds, suitable for bedrooms, kitchen or bathroom. We also have some interesting shading solutions for orangeries and conservatories.

As detailed above, there are plenty of reasons why you should leave your blackout blinds order to us, not only as a homeowner, but also as a hotel, medical facility or any other institution manager. Made to measure or standard, big or small, in great or small quantities, for us it makes no difference. All orders are treated equally, based on high professional and quality standards.

The Advantages of Choosing Blackout Blinds with Remote Control

– Great usefulness – Thanks to their ability of totally blocking the sunshine, these blinds can be used for the windows in every room of the house, including the kitchen and bathroom. They are ideal for bedrooms, ensuring intimacy and dim light or darkness.

– Silent running – The motor can be barely heard, so your sleep will not be interrupted. The blackout blinds with remote control can therefore be a great shading solution for nurseries. The babies can sleep peacefully, without being disturbed by noises or shiny light.

– Different power options – They come in both variants, electrically operated and battery operated. The electrical blinds are of 240 Volt powered, and 24 Volt, for the smaller ones.

– Great design effect – Besides their practical function, they always add a stylish, luxurious look to every window and room. With a relatively small amount of money, a plain looking room is instantly transformed into an elegant and cozy one.

– Lots of choices available – It is impossible not to find exactly what you desire. With so many colors, shapes and models, even the most demanding tastes are satisfied. Besides, the prices are accessible to everyone.

– Various materials – Wooden, plastic, metal or even fabric, it makes no difference. They all look great and they are highly efficient at the same time. Besides, all the materials used are extremely durable.

– Insulation – Besides their property to totally block the sunlight and diminish the effect of glare, automated blackout blinds also have other functions. They ensure an efficient temperature control, by reducing the amount of heat that is lost through the windows in the cold season. Besides, the level of outside noise is also considerably lowered.

Of course, the list of advantages is far from being completed. Every person has his\her own list of demands, but no matter how high or many they are, there are always blackout blinds with remote control fit for every taste and pocket.

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