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Here, at, we have one of the UK’S largest selections of battery powered blinds. We have gathered the finest materials and fabrics, sourced directly from the manufacturers, so that you will find that modern finish that complements your room. We sell a variety of battery powered blinds which are ideal for situations where mains installation is a problem, they are ideal for older buildings and in situations where adding extra wires is a problem.

Our blinds complement homes and offices, adding consistency to some of the most trivial interior decors. You no longer need to turn to a professional to help you create a comfortable and personalized atmosphere; with some minor adjustments, you will be able to portray your room in any way you like. Our blinds catch the essence of the latest tendencies in interior design, without being too heavy and overwhelming.

We strongly believe battery powered blinds to be some of the simplest blinds, in terms of technology and ease of use, and some of the most delightful as fitting and appearance. We have eliminated wires, and now we let you tilt your blinds in just a few seconds, as the lithium batteries are powerful enough to respond to your commands instantly. You will only have to replace the batteries after a couple of years, so there is no inconvenience if you choose wireless controlled blinds over mains powered blinds.

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Battery powered blinds are usually the kind of blinds that do not have significant drops or widths. They are more practical, easier to control, easier to install and easier to maintain than other kinds of electric blinds. They fit regular windows and, while they may not be the first choice of companies, they are definitely the first choice of home owners, especially of those living in modern, light-furnished apartments. These sorts of blinds are not just a decor item; they are really needed in projects where wiring turns out to be impractical and less desirable.

If you are looking for a silent, convenient and modern shading system for your windows, you can rely on our battery powered blinds to be the even more than you are currently hoping for. Our experience in manufacturing blinds will save you from making a wrong choice, which you will later feel uncomfortable with. We guarantee that our blinds have increased functionality and a more than generous lifespan. They will not block up, and they will not need adjustments or replacement, so you will be able to enjoy them for many years. Therefore, if your kid has grown up to be a teenager, you can change the appearance of his room by adding some fancy battery powered blinds to offer him privacy and the edgy attitude he wanted for their room. The kids will be able to enjoy their blinds until after graduating from high school, or even more.

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We provide a full colour pallet, as well as multiple patterns and some of the finest materials, so we guarantee you that we have something for every taste. Everyone in your house will love these blinds as they are easy to use and they will solve the lighting problems once and for all. Battery powered blinds bear all sorts of adjustments, so you have other options than fully keeping sunlight and warmth away. You can tilt your blinds without a problem, as ours have anti-glare properties, so they will not bother your eyes.

One of the best things about these blinds is that you will not have to touch them, so they will not get stained and dirty. You can adjust the optimum level of shade by sitting on your sofa, so you will finally be able to get the maximum out of all the moments of the day. Once you will have them installed in your home, you will wonder how you have managed to get by without them before. You will be tempted to “play” with them and adjust them constantly, not just at the beginning and at the end of the day, because they open so precisely and smoothly.

Our battery powered blinds are even energy efficient, because they let you benefit from the maximum amount of sunlight possible and the optimum temperature at the same time, so you will turn on the lights and the air conditioner less frequently. Therefore, you can go green and be extremely comfortable in your home just by installing some efficient electric blinds in the right places.

So, a simple technology makes blinds elegant, energy efficient, and very easy to use and maintain. You can teach your children to use them, so that they can play or read in the perfect environment. Only our blinds can deliver such an extended range of attributes for some of the lowest prices available. If you want to make something beautiful for your home and family, you do not have to ruin your whole budget. If you turn to us, we will provide you with just the solution that suits your necessities and budget. Furthermore, we also offer measuring, installation and a short demonstration on how the blinds work. Once we come and show you the beauty of our battery powered blinds, you will want to have them installed in all of your rooms.

All of our blinds within this category work with lithium AA batteries, which ensure wire-free roll up, tilt and cord lift. The batteries and motor are hidden inside the sturdy head rail or behind it, and they will be easy to replace when needed. We will show you exactly how you will have to proceed to replace the batteries when we come to install your blinds.

Throw away your old, messy curtains and purchase some fashionable battery powered blinds, which will turn your room into the perfect lounge. You can have privacy, comfort and divine, natural lightning. Purchase a different pattern for every room to totally boost your mood.

Every home needs battery powered blinds, and, for these prices, every home owner can afford them; so check our lovely models now.

We supply and fit motorised blinds Nationwide, for example we have recently fit motorised blinds in Lincoln, Harrow, Windsor, Crawley and Denham.

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