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The latest hi-tech products that have topped the market are the automatic window blinds. More and more people care about the interior design of their homes and want to enjoy the possibility to operate all the electric terminals with the help of just one home automation system, because it is much more practical and infinitely easier.

Our blinds combine the two features into the perfect shading solution. We are one of UK’s top suppliers of automatic blinds, providing a wide range of electrically powered blinds all over the country. Not only do we transport the blinds to almost any part of the UK, we also provide some of the lowest prices, an online service that offers you the possibility to order from the comfort of your home, and a great variety of blinds to choose from. Also, we have a team of specialists who will take the measurements for your blinds, because we like to make sure that the blinds will fit perfectly, without any possible errors. Once you try our automatic window blinds, we guarantee you will fall in love with them, realizing how beneficial, modern and cost-efficient they are.

We manufacture all types of automatic window blinds, from standard, business like ones, to sophisticated blinds for large mansions; we can provide you with any size or model that you need. We offer you custom made or personalized shades, without neglecting your budget. Our shades come with special features such as light-filters or complete blackout properties. The filtering light function is ideal for offices, schools and homes, while the feature of completely darkening a room is perfect for home cinemas, audio visual presentations, or therapy rooms.

Relying on our vast experience in home automation systems, we have constructed our automatic window blinds with both relay and infrared controls. This way, clients will save energy while still having full control over the blinds, using the home automation system. Our mains driven blinds can be integrated with systems such as Lutron or Crestron, as well as others alike.

We can provide you with all the details about relays and their technical specifications that will help you understand how useful the automatic window blinds are. We are also glad to discuss the way our blinds are controlled with you and to give you advice on wiring and design. Due to the fact that they use infrared control, our shades can be remote controlled, which makes them even more practical.

Our blinds are perfect for homes where there are elderly or disabled people. They are also safe for children, who will not have access to cords or slats, thus there will be no risk of accidents. Also, in case you need to install blinds on a high window, the remote control will grant easy access. Furthermore, if you have several blinds you need to operate at once, a remote control gives you the possibility to lower or raise more than one blind.
The integration of blinds with a home management system gives you total control and flexibility, no matter the room you are in. It provides energy efficiency and protects the furnishings from UV damage. You can integrate the blinds into your home cinema system, so that they will begin to operate automatically, once the lights are dimmed.

Even when you are not at home, our automatic window blinds are extremely useful, because they can protect your home from the sun glare and operate to simulate occupancy. Once you have pre-programmed a time and date, they will be lowered or raised after that schedule, leaving the impression that there are people inside. Besides this great feature, our blinds also offer a timer unit and/or light/temperature sensors that are incredibly effective. The light and temperature sensors will lower your blinds as soon as the sun starts shining in the morning and the temperature becomes hotter than a value you have pre-programmed. They will open again once the sun is gone or the temperature lowers. This helps you save a lot of energy and keep your room cool all the time. The timer is useful in programming your automatic window blinds to open in the morning and lower in the evening, or anytime during the day.

Our offer includes Venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds or roman blinds. You can also get them with manual or electric control, but we thoroughly recommend the automatic window blinds, because they represent the perfect balance between technology and style. We can supply them in a large range of colours, fabrics and patterns. Our automatic blinds are made by using the best materials. We get our components directly from top manufacturers, thus we are able to offer you the best price.

With most people looking for the lowest cost, it is understandable why you would probably distrust our offer. However, we recommend you to get quotes from any reputable rival of ours and even provide us with feedback about their offers. We guarantee that the automatic window blinds that we have for sale have no competition because we offer the smallest prices.

We have been in this field for many years now, so we already know what clients want and need. Make sure to visit our company’s website, where you can find more information about automatic blinds, an online order form, and even a special contact page, where you are more than welcome to leave your suggestions, thoughts, or even complaints, if you have any. We truly care about our clients’ opinion about our company, our team, and our blinds.

On our website, you will also find the phone number where you can call anytime. Our team of specialists is ready to provide you with information on designs, materials, or payment plans. You can even choose a date when they can visit your home and take the measurements for your future blinds, wherever in the UK you are. Our automatic window blinds represent the perfect balance between low cost and high efficiency, so you will definitely not regret buying them.

Our Company Supplies and Fits automated blind systems Nationwide, recently we have fit powered blinds in Halifax, London, Windsor, Thatcham and Peterborough.

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