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If you are trying to obtain the optimum balance between light and shade in your home, yet your old shades require far too many operations without giving you the expected result, it is time for you to try our automatic roller blinds. Not only do they act as a barrier against the sun’s heat while still providing enough natural light, but these electrically powered blinds also reduce energy costs during winter and maintain your privacy.

Automatic Roller Blinds supplied throughout the UK

We are one of UK’s best suppliers of electrically operated shading systems and our offers come at the best prices you can find on the market. We encourage you to go to our website and check out the online gallery of products that we provide. The gallery includes an extensive range of custom made blinds that could provide an answer to all your shading problems. We offer you the guarantee that our products will stand the test of time and protect your house from the sun for many years. Also, they are modern and stylish, because you get to choose the colour, pattern and design. As soon as you try our automatic roller blinds, you will realize how great they are, compared to the traditional ones.

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The roller blinds that we offer are available in several versions, with different methods of operation such as chain, crank, and remote control. The blinds that are operated by chain are the standard model, and they are the most affordable. They are suitable mostly for offices or homes. On the other hand, crank operated blinds are perfect for settings such as schools or nurseries, where the chains are not recommended because they can be easily broken, causing health and safety issues.

In addition to chain and crank operating systems, we offer you remote controlled automatic roller blinds, which are for sale in three versions: battery, 24v and 240v operation. Depending on the size of the windows that you buy these blinds for, you can either get large automatic roller blinds which need 240v of power, medium blinds which use 24v or smaller blinds that are battery operated. An advantage of the 240 volt blinds is that you can use them for automated home systems, because they are hard wired. The 24v blinds are also available for home automated systems, only that they demand a radio conversion interface in order to make sure that systems using Somfy receivers can properly function if combined with systems such as Lutron and Crestron.

Besides the fact that they are convenient and easy to use, these automatic roller blinds are also safe for children, because they are either switch-controlled or remote controlled, thus making it hard for children to break anything or harm themselves. They are perfect in homes where they can only be installed at a high level or behind furniture, because the remote control system will make sure you can utilize them. Our automatic roller blinds are also ideal for people who suffer from different joint disorders, because they require no effort to be opened or closed.

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The fabric can be folded in both directions onto the tube. While the standard method offers you the possibility to roll off the back of the tube closest to the window, we have also introduced the option of rolling off the fabric in front. This method is called reverse roll and is extremely useful in creating a clearance for window handles that are protuberant. It is also perfect in conservatories, because it minimizes the space between blinds. We provide blinds that offer you the possibility to swap the control end and the plug end in order to convert from standard roll to reverse roll without re-rolling the fabric.

When you choose the ideal type of automatic roller blinds for your living space, you also have to consider the weight and area of the fabric. If a blind is really wide, then the diameter of the tube that we use will also have to be wider. So will the model of the tube wall. We pay great attention to manufacturing the right shape and size of blinds that will fit your home perfectly. That is why we have specialists who are one call or e-mail away from taking the measures of your windows. They will give you advice and help you to choose the best shades. If, for example, you get blinds with a tube that is too small, this will cause the distortion of the fabric and in time, the deterioration of the tube. Or, if you do not provide accurate measurements, you risk receiving less fabric than you need. Luckily, our fabrics are bi directional, and they can be rotated by 90 degrees to obtain a greater width.

Besides great technical features, we are also very preoccupied with the design of our blinds, because we want to offer the best combination of style and practicality, for an affordable price, to all our customers. The main fabric categories that we provide are blackout, dim out, translucent, and transparent. They allow different amounts of light to enter the room. A total blackout fabric is usually avoided, because the blinds will need an additional frame for the side and axle areas. However, blackout fabric is great for rooms that are turned into home cinemas or therapy spaces. Also, we offer a variety of textures, colours and fabrics that you can choose from. Our automatic roller blinds will satisfy even the most pretentious clients.

Since we acquire all our materials directly from top manufacturers, we guarantee that you do not have to worry about intermediate costs. The cost of our automatic roller blinds is unbeatable, but we do recommend you to get quotes from our competition and compare them with what we offer. If you find a better offer, we will even make you a discount. You are welcome to call or e-mail us anytime, no matter what your questions, suggestions or solicitations are. Our specialists are always ready to provide you with helpful answers about our automatic roller blinds.

Our Company Supplies and Fits motorised blind systems Nationwide, for example we have recently fit powered blinds in Halifax, Harrow, Reading, Mansfield and Guildford.

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