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Automatic pleated blinds are one of the main product categories supplied by our company in a wide range of designs and colors. They can be successfully used in interior design, giving an elegant and distinguished note to any room and protecting the windows against sunlight and curious looks.

Pleated blinds allow easy control of light intensity during the day and can be made with different handling systems, from simple manually operated to electrically powered control systems and remote electrical switch or infra red controlled automated shareholders. They also have multiple installation possibilities and allow the dimensions to be adjusted in order to obtain the exact blinds that match your needs.

Automation of pleated blinds is very cost effective as prices are at an all time low, they also offer exceptional quality and the capacity to provide a full finish interior aspect. The slats are made of aluminum strip widths in different colors. Optionally, a lock can be added to allow the blinds to be raised to the desired level.

Programmable pleated blinds are of a high interest to a wide range of clients because, besides their elegance, they provide not only sunscreen, but also visual protection, maintaining the privacy of the people in the rooms where they are installed. Since, depending on the room where you want the blinds installed, your needs will be different, we offer various solutions for any type of skylight and accessories suitable both indoors and outdoors for any style of interior design.

Fitting in as a comfortable, elegant and efficient, these blinds also make a great fashion element, fulfilling the dream of homeowners all over the UK. Our company was created to answer even the strangest wishes and tastes. Our extended experience on the interior design market has taught us that quality work requires not only good ideas, but also the equipment, facilities and quality custom made accessories.

Our home automation systems are among the most reliable, turning the automatic pleated blinds from the caprice they used to be into a must have. The main function of our blinds systems is sunscreen. They provide sun protection for workspaces, homes and recreational spots like conservatories. Despite any existing ventilation systems, interior spaces overheat on summertime. Our shading solutions have the ability to stop about 60-80% of the solar rays. Moreover, the remaining space between the window and the blinds allows constant air flow and prevents the heat from building up inside.

Automatic pleated blinds have an optimal light deflection system that allows the natural lighting of any space. The blades have a high coverage capacity. In their open position, the natural light of the sun can be allowed to flow freely or directed as the owner wishes, with a simple adjustment from the remote.

Thermal comfort is ensured not only during the summer but also in winter. As for the blades, they can be of different sizes and materials, depending on the client’s preferences, but also on the climate and the architecture of the building where they are to be installed. Of course, each choice can influence the resistance of the automatic pleated blinds, but also the heat and sound insulation.

With us, you can extend the life of your electric blinds! Our products incorporate advanced features meant to prevent risks and keep your investments safe and profitable. For example, they are designed to stop automatically when facing an obstacle or when the blades freeze.

Our blinds are also enhanced with a feedback function – the remotes signal the current movement and confirm the good performance, so there is no need for you to go around the house and verify the results. The automatic adjustment settings allow you to save time and ensure perfect closure and rising. You can also count on resistance to forced maneuvers, especially since all our automatic pleated blinds systems are made of durable components.

Another benefit of these blinds is their ability to reduce noise pollution. They are recommended especially in high traffic areas, as a real barrier between the external noise and your living space. It is therefore time you forgot all about handles and manual adjustments. We have the best motorized solutions for you, put together through a comprehensive range of engines, adaptable to all types of electric blinds.

When you choose your automatic pleated blinds, you should consider the weather conditions in your area, the adjustments frequency and the possibility to extend the life of your blinds, to find spare parts if the need arises, or to avoid the blinds’ interaction with other household equipments (alarm, gate, garage, store, kitchen, bathroom) and the remote control of your blinds home automation systems.

All our blinds are automatic. If you already have electric blinds, there is no need to change everything! Whatever the type of blinds that you possess, we have solutions for you. The wireless operator, for example, is an advantageous solution, scalable, and much more comfortable. With the radio controlled blinds or the new wireless standard, the installation of your blinds is simplified and does not damage your walls. There are no wires between the motor and the control.

This wireless technology also allows you to enjoy the benefits of remote blinds control: you can adjust the blinds without going from one place to another. The addition of the automatic timer lets you decide in advance when your automatic pleated blinds open or close. Thus, you can limit the heat loss in winter by scheduling the closing of your blinds at dusk.

Did you know? Each motor can be controlled automatically. All our solutions are compatible, even with those already installed. With our home automation, you can centralize and manage all of your blinds with the simple push of a button. The alarm goes off? Your blinds close automatically. You arrive home by car? Your garage door opens, and your alarm goes off. Did you leave for the weekend and you forgot to close your automatic pleated blinds? You can manage them using your Smartphone. Discover what our products can do for you!

We brought together the world’s leading suppliers for our automatic pleated blinds raw materials, and also the most intuitive information to help you turn your home into an extraordinary space at very affordable prices.

Our Company Supplies and Fits motorised blinds Nationwide, for example we have recently fit remote control blinds in Salford, Harrow, Slough, Cambridge and Ipswich.

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