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If you want to change something in your home design, yet you do not want to spend too much, a set of automatic blinds will definitely help you improve the aspect of your house. Not only do they help you save energy during the winter, but they are also perfect sun blockers during the summer, and, on top of that, they bring style to the interior of your home. Automatic blinds can be operated via timer settings or remote control, they are powered via mains or battery.

Automatic Blinds Supplied Nationwide in the UK

We are one of the top UK companies that supply electric blinds, in a variety of shapes, sizes and models. We offer small prices, a website that is permanently updated, so you can order online, plus a large range of blinds to choose from. In addition, we introduced a free online quotation service on our website, which can help you figure out what sort of blinds would be suitable for you and a survey which provides us with excellent feedback from our customers. We have a team of specialists who will take the measurements for your blinds, because we want to make sure that all the blinds we supply are perfectly fitted. You have to try our automatic blinds as soon as possible to understand how effective and modern they are.

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Automatic blinds are the hi-tech accessories that will offer you comfort all year long, no matter the season. They are excellently controlled by remote controls and wall switches, making them safe and easy to use. They have different functions, sensors or timers. Automatic blinds have several control options: infra red, radio, automatic. The infra red controlled blinds are perfect for large home projects. These systems can have either wired or wireless controls. The blinds can also be operated through radio systems, which are adequate for houses where wiring capabilities are limited, mainly older buildings. Radio controlled blinds offer you complete wireless control, so they are perfect for elderly people or people whose medical condition does not allow them to make any effort. Last, but not least, the automation system permits you to integrate the control of the blinds into other home automation systems, audio/video or house control systems.

Automatic blinds can be battery powered or can function through the 240 volt mains supply. While the battery operated ones are great for older buildings, the mains powered blinds are suitable in new buildings, because they can be wired during the construction. Both versions are just as safe and reliable. Automatic blinds can also be constructed for people who care about nature and want to be environmentally friendly, allowing them to use a low voltage system and natural fibres.

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Our automatic blinds provide you comfort through their amazing features. They have light and temperature sensors that make the blinds react in case the sun shines brightly and makes the room too hot. If the temperature increases beyond a pre-programmed value, the blinds will be lowered by the control system. The blinds operate quietly due to a silent motor. You also get a timer unit that will open or close the blinds at the exact hours programmed by you, which makes them excellent for your privacy – by opening or closing at certain hours, they will maintain the impression that there is someone home.

Since they are automated, these blinds do not require manual pulling or operating cords, which makes them safe for homes where there are children. This will also ensure the long life of your blind, because the system makes sure the blinds are opened and closed correctly, and there is no risk of breaking them through repeated manual operations. If your windows are out of reach, our blinds are the most practical solution, because you will be able to control them from a distance, without having to risk any accidents. Also, if you have multiple adjacent windows, our blinds offer you the possibility to open them at once, or each at a time, which will save you a great deal of time. Moreover, in case you have found a perfect position of the shades, you only have to touch a button and it will be memorized. Next time, just press the button and the blinds will “recall” that position.

All the automatic blinds that we have for sale are characterized by simplicity and a lovely design, which makes them ideal for various types of windows. They are crafted with high-quality materials that we get straight from top manufacturers, thus reducing any intermediate cost to zero. The materials used offer UV and heat protection, while also blocking sunlight. They are excellent in filtering sun rays. Our blinds come in a wide range of styles that can match the appearance of all kind of interiors and please even the most pretentious clients. We can provide roller, pleated, Venetian vertical, Roman and blackout blinds, all specially designed to work with your home automation system.

We are always happy to provide information on anything that you want to ask. Our team of specialists will discuss with you the price of the automatic blinds and the payment plan, but they will also give you advice and help you choose the most appropriate blinds for your home, office or school. After thoroughly studying the wiring system, the width of windows, the style of the interior design, our team will recommend you the best blinds for you. We can also discuss textures, patterns and colours for your blinds and any other matter that you can think of. We also guarantee that our team will take the measurements, thus you can trust that the blinds will fit your windows perfectly. We offer a practically limitless variety of interior and exterior window shading systems.

We provide our services all over the UK, so you are welcome to contact us anytime. Also, we supply large numbers of blinds without any problems, in the shortest time possible. We will even make you a discount. If you have any questions, suggestions, or you are decided to order our automatic blinds, feel free to call us and we will be glad to assist you in every way possible.

Our Company Supplies and Fits remote control blinds Nationwide, for example we have recently fit remote control blinds in Liverpool, London, Reading, Oxford and Bristol.

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