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We can supply and fit automatic blinds throughout the entire UK, we offer both luxury and budget versions for all types of blinds.

Automatic blinds are window shades that operate either via a timer device or are triggered via light or heat, they are ideal for large premises or for buildings where the occupant may be absent. These kind of automated blind systems are a big bonus where security is concerned, they give the illusion that your premises is occupied and this can help protect both your home and possessions.

Blinds that automatically open and shut receive the signal the from a main control center, this is either provided with the blinds or may already be set up in your home. Automated blinds can also be controlled by sensors, sensing devices can be set up to trigger either by temperature or light.

Automation can be setup to work with all styles of blinds including roller, venetian, pleated, vertical, blackout and roman blinds. The price of automated blinds depends on the grade of material your blinds are made from, if you opt for a budget priced material the price will be lower. A top end luxury blind will obviously cost more but the choice is yours, in some cases a budget blind will suffice and this will of course lower the price.

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The great thing about electric blind automation is that it is fully programmable, you can set your blinds to open and close whenever you wish. Your can of course overide your settings at any time, this can be done via manual or wireless control. Manual controls can be installed either on the wall or via a lead, remote control is optional with all systems.

Automated blinds can be powered either by battery or 240 mains supply, battery powered blinds are suitable for situations where you do not want to fit a mains supply. If you are interested in an automated blind system we can provide a specialist to measure for a quote, they will visit you on site and take accurate measurements of all windows. Once the measurement’s have been taken a price can be worked out via the lengths and widths, this is combined with the price structure you have chosen. The price structure is worked out using the measurments and type of blind you want, if you would like a quote for both a budget or top end system “both” can be provided for free.

If you would like to talk to someone about an automated blind system please feel free to call us on our free-phone number, if you would like to use our online quote tool it can be accessed via this page.

We supply and fit motorised window blind Nationwide, recently we have fit electric blinds in Salford, Watford, Slough, Coventry and Leicester.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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