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For many people, automated window blinds are no longer an accessory, but a necessity and the obligatory condition to have an intelligent home. This smart technology not only adds value and style to your home, but it is also perfect for saving time and energy.

We are one of UK’s top suppliers of electric and automatic blinds, and we design a variety of custom made or personalized blinds. Not only do we provide great blinds in almost any part of the UK, but we also guarantee some of the smallest prices, the chance to order online any of the products, and a great assortment of blinds to choose from. Also, we prefer to send a team of specialists to your home, in order to take the measurements for your blinds. This way, we make sure that they will fit perfectly, without any undesired errors. Once you will evaluate our automated window blinds, you will definitely understand how elegant and affordable our shading solutions are.

Because we only use exquisite materials, textures and fabrics, our automated window blinds can be perfectly integrated in just about any home, office or environment. We provide a plentiful range of fabrics, materials and colours to choose from, thus you can select the appropriate design of blinds that complement your accessories and furnishings.

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Our automated window blinds come in various shapes: roller, roman, pleated, Venetian, wood blinds, as well as plantation shutters. They are a necessity in today’s modern world. They are hi-tech products that will upgrade all the aspects of your life. We live in the age of speed and stress, so when you get home, you want to be able to rely on automation to make you feel more comfortable. Thanks to our automatic blinds, which are convenient, secure and reliable, you will be able to rest properly, in a cool room, even when the heat outside is irritating.

We design our automated window blinds with relay and infrared controls. Thus, the blinds will save energy, while still allowing you to have full control over the blinds, just by using your home automation system. You can purchase mains driven blinds that can be integrated with home systems such as Lutron or Crestron, or similar ones. We can send you all the details about the technical specifications that will allow you to understand how practical the automated window blinds that we have for sale are. Also, you will be glad to know that our team of specialists can come to your home and discuss either with you or your system integrator about how our blinds are controlled and to provide you with wiring diagrams.

Thanks to the fact that they use infrared control, our blinds can be remote controlled from anywhere in the house, which makes them even more functional. They are suitable for homes where people with motion problems live, but they are also excellent for elderly people or people who cannot make a lot of effort. Moreover, automated window blinds bring safety to your home, because they do not need cords or manual operations, thus protecting children from possible accidents. Even if you have to install the blinds somewhere high on the wall, the remote control access will allow you to execute operations without having to climb up ladders or chairs. Furthermore, if you have to operate more than one blind, the remote control offers you a function that simultaneously lowers or raises multiple blinds.

Thanks to the point and click system of the automated window blinds, you do not have to leave the comfort of your bed or chair to obtain the ideal position of the blinds. Moreover, once you have found a perfect shading position, you can memorize it by pressing a special button provided on the remote control. Therefore, you will always be able to use the same position. Our automated window blinds come with a series of timers, thermostats and light sensors that can be pre-programmed to operate the blinds automatically at any time of the day, any day of the week, to protect your furnishings even when you are not at home. This will give the impression that you are at home and will contribute to maintaining safety and privacy. They can be pre-set to operate in certain zones chosen by you, for example bedroom or kitchen.

Blind automation is effective in eliminating repetitive and boring tasks such as manual lowering or opening, by pulling cords. This also helps you to lengthen the life of your blinds by ensuring they are opened and closed correctly, and they do not accumulate dust. Thanks to the blackout option, you can integrate our blinds in the home cinema system, so that they will begin to lower automatically, once the lights are dimmed.

With most people searching for the lowest price, it is logical to try to find the best offer. We actually encourage you to get quotes from any of our competitors. We assure you that the blinds we offer have no real competition and that you will get high quality for the lowest cost. We also encourage you to check out all the blinds that we have for sale, because you will surely find at least one model that will appeal to you.

Our team of professionals is always ready to offer you consultancy, on the phone or by e-mail. Moreover, we guarantee that our specialists will make you a visit to help you decide what designs, fabrics or payment plan to choose. We have been on the market for many years now and we take pride in our customer policy.

Make sure that you visit our website, where you can find more details about automated blinds and the ordering system. Since we care about your opinion, we also offer you a feedback page. Also, you will find the phone number where you can call anytime and ask our team of specialists for quotes. So, if you have decided to buy automated window blinds from our company, call us right away.

Our Company Supplies and Fits Electric blinds Nationwide, recently we have fit remote control blinds in Halifax, Harrow, Reading, Milton Keynes and Bolton.

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