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Automated blinds are elegant accessories that allow you to have full control over them, even when the windows they are covering are placed in hard to reach areas. The blinds are also accompanied by an automatic timer, which allows you to set them so that they will raise or lower at predetermined times. This means that you gain 100% control over the quantity of light and heat that enters your home even when you are not at home. This is also an excellent way to protect the privacy of your home, especially if your elder relatives are home alone.

We can provide our blinds with timers, thermostats or light sensors, which can easily be programmed so that they will operate your blinds automatically, according to your wish. Not only is this a way to preserve your home fresh and private, but it is also a way to protect your plants and furniture from the harmful heat of the summer afternoons. Moreover, you can even program your blinds (with the help of the sensors) to operate only in specific areas.

Presenting these excellent possibilities, automated blinds are highly recommended to be used at home, at school, in an office or in a hotel, but also in places such as conservatories, because they do such a marvellous job in protecting the plants form excessive heat.

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We, at, also take on commercial contracts, because we are able to provide large amounts of custom made blinds, when required. We can provide you with a wide range of styles: roman, Venetian, roller blinds and many more. We also have a large variety of fabrics and colours, and we can supply you with additional features, such as batteries that allow you to gain wireless control over your blinds.

You may feel that this technology is too much and that there is no actual need for such systems, as blinds are just pieces of fabric designed to cover windows. The truth is that, nowadays, the latest tendencies in interior design and the busy lifestyles that most of us have turn automated blinds from a luxury to a real necessity. Most of our world relies on automation and we are permanently trying to find new and new ways to make our lives more comfortable. Not only will the electric blinds add a plus of comfort and style to our homes, but they also add enormous efficiency, convenience and safety. They are no longer just accessories; they are top class mechanisms that can achieve unbelievable performances.

You need our automated blinds because they are the best systems that can keep away the blinding sunlight and the unbearable heat. You also need them because you have kids that run around the house, and grab everything they come across, including your curtains, risking to wreck them or get them dirty. You need them because you do not want your kids to step on the heavy curtains and stumble over the furniture. You need them because you want to feel soothed and relaxed in a calming, positive environment. You need them because you work hard and you get home tired, and you want to simplify all of your activities as much as you can.

Automated blinds have excellent properties, and they can help you in so many ways that you have never even thought about. They can protect the members of your family, the items in your house, they can create a perfect environment at work, they can make a delightful impression on your guests; in short, they can help you feel excellent indoors and be worry-free outdoors, because your home, your family and your personal belongings will be safe – kept away from snooping glances, heat and blinding light.

If you want your children or your pets to be able to play indoors without sweating and feeling uncomfortable, if you, yourself, like to exercise in the comfort of your home in dim light and total privacy, if you like to let some sun rays in and frequently need to change the position of your blinds in order to do so, if you like to read, write or work under natural light, then it is quite necessary to buy automated blinds.

What we can offer you are high quality fabrics, light and heat control sensors, accurate programming and excellent functionality – all incorporated in our fashionable and affordable automated blinds. We are serious retailers, which source their components directly from the manufacturers. This means that the components get to us in perfect condition, and we use them to manufacture flawless blinds. It also means that we can sell our exquisite blinds for much lower prices than other retailers. We are experienced and we provide complete services, attending all of our clients’ needs. We can provide measurement, installation and testing services for anyone living in the UK.

You’ve added simplicity to your life by buying a washing machine, a dishwasher or a car. It is time to add more simplicity to your life by buying automated blinds for your windows. You want the best for your home and family, and, here, at, everybody works to give you the best. We like to build strong partnerships, and we would like you to become our partner, so that together we will imagine a better future. If you have some creative ideas, we are more than pleased to materialize them; if you strongly believe that the environment in which you live and work can affect your mood, your behaviour, your potential and your performances, you must know that now you can get the necessary support to improve your life.

Our automated blinds may use 12V battery power or 24 V or 240 V mains power. You can choose any style that fits your preferences and the specific of the place the blinds will be installed. We will take into consideration every little detail of your home, in order to determine what sources of power to use, what sizes and models of blinds to install, and how big the motor operating your blinds should be.

You can talk to us about any other concerns or suggestions regarding your automated blinds when we come to measure your windows and evaluate the sources of electricity in your house.

We supply and fit automated window blind Nationwide, for example we have recently fit motorised blinds in Halifax, Harrow, Reading, Milton Keynes and Surrey.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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