Electric Blind Systems

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Our Electric blind systems are custom made to requirement and can be constructed from a vast number of fabrics and luxurious colour schemes, simply give us the window dimensions via our price calculator and we can hopefully supply you with the lowest price available in the UK. We are confident that we can supply the cheapest systems and best fabrics because unlike many blinds companies we source our components “directly” from the supplier, we also ask that you obtain further quotes from our competitors for reasons that I will explain. Our mindset is not that of the electric blind company that uses hardened and well trained salesman to get “your signature on the day”, these are old fashioned sales methods and the reasons they do this are as follows.
Imagine the salesman is visiting you to give you a quote for your electric blind system, he will possibly do one of two things.
1. Offer you a package using a “soon to be” discontinued and limited fabric, he/she will tempt you with something like… ” I can offer this deal to you know at a discounted rate but only if you sign today”. This in fact is an old sales ploy to make you think you might be missing out on a “once only deal”…. “Don’t fall for it”, the sales person always has that bag and the fabrics are “not” in fact “to be discontinued”.
2. “I will give you a discount if you sign today”, again he/she is simply trying to pressure you….. the sales person would offer the same deal 1,2,3 and more weeks later.
The electric blind systems we sell are all sold on the merit of the cost and of the materials, we simply don’t need to use the double glazing style sales tactics.
To obtain a quote for a motorized blind system you can do one of two things, you can either use our online price calculation tool in order that we can provide you with a price, or you can simply call us on our Free phone number. If you have any questions as to fabrics and colours and what kind of materials will suit your purposes please feel free to give us a call.
The most important tip is to really be aware of what it is you want your blinds to do, silly question you might think? actually blinds usually fit two categories and these are……… 
Privacy and / or
Temperature control
The materials you choose “can” be vital to your needs but don’t worry because our technicians will always be happy to advise you.
We supply and fit electric blind systems in..
: Homes
: Conservatories
: Hotels
: Offices
: Industrial units
: Laboratories
: Sports stadiums
: Conference centers
: Lecture halls
Don’t forget never buy before securing at least two quotes….

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

Tel: 0800 1412830
Email: enquiry@motorizedblinds.co.uk