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Custom made electric blinds are something that we are so confident we can offer for the lowest prices we encourage you to obtain addition quotes, unlike many blinds companies we source our components directly from the manufacturers, this way we are able to offer some truly amazing prices. The easiest way to obtain a price is via our onlion calculation tool, load it with your window sizes and this should be the fast track to getting you a quote.

The latest hi-tech blinds now incorporate multi zone operation, this means that when opening and closing blinds you can assign different sections to be controlled from your handset. For example you may wish a only the raise front blinds in your conservatory, therefore you would assign the front windows to a zone within your control system. Lets say you own a restaurant and have installed electric blinds, the sun is shining from the south and your customers are being bothered by too much light. You can simply close the southern section of your blinds and leave the other blinds up, this can save you a great deal of time in such situations and zoning is easy to program.

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Another benefit of electric blinds is that of child safety, sadly we read more and more about small children getting caught up in blind cords, with electric blinds there is no need for this cord. Electric blinds are extremely safe and should be a priority consideration for parents who wish to install blinds, traditional blinds whilst safe do pose a small threat so it is essential you consider your options carefully.

Home security is an area where motorised blinds are a great asset, they can give the illusion that a premises is being occupied when in fact it is not. Automatic blinds can be programed to wither activate at certain times or via sensors raise or lower in accordance with light levels, they are ideally suited to home automation systems as these can enable some highly complex timer settings.

Years ago hi-tech blind systems would only have been attainable by the rich and wealthy, as with all technologies the price had fallen. If you are interested in knowing the price of automated blinds this can be obtained by phone, if though you would prefer an online quote please feel free to use our quote tool.
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