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Cordless blinds are not only a superb interior design addition, these type of electric blinds are an added safety bonus. With all the recent scares concerning small children and blind related accidents these kind of blinds are clearly a great product to consider, clearly the price is well worth the reassurance these style of blinds can provide. For most people searching for low priced cordless electric blinds or motorized blind systems, finding the most comprehensive advice can on occasions be a real pain. We will try our best to offer you the most competitive prices available but amazingly, our company will recommend that in addition you also get an additional costing from another electric blinds company. For anyone that contacts our company and needs the price of window solution such as cordless electric blinds or electrically controlled blinds it is our firms policy to help you see the truly great deals we can offer

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Electronically controlled blind topics we can help you with…
– Electric blinds at budget prices
– Automatic blinds for security
– Electronically controlled blinds for schools
– Electric motorized blind systems for laboratories
– Made to order motorized conservatory blinds
– Special radio controlled blinds for hard to reach installations
– Cordless electric blinds
– Low cost remote control blinds
– Motorized roman blinds
– Uk motorized roof blinds
– Products for offices

Below are just a few examples of the fabrics we provide

Pleated fabics: manhattan asc, sola, regency spc, mozart, cellular blackout, glaze spc.

Pinoleum blinds: montserrat pine, bahama birch, barbuda white, tuamotu, tobago teak, antibes chocolate.

Example measurements via our fast calculator to show you how very simple it is to make use of…

Height: 900mm [ 90 centimeters ] 35.4 inches
Width : 2800mm [ 280 centimeters ] 110.2 inches
Height: 3000mm [ 300 centimeters ] 118.1 inches
Width : 2100mm [ 210 centimeters ] 82.7 inches

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