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Although our electric blinds are low cost they are also the best, the reason we can offer such low prices is due to the fact that we source our components directly from the top manufacturers such as somfy. If you are like many people looking for low cost cheap electric blinds or made to order motorized blinds, getting hold of easy to understand advice can on occasions be a real pain. We will endeavour to give to you the most competitive prices that there are however, we will further suggest in addition you also obtain a further quote via one of our rival companies. For anyone who consults us looking for help with a product such as cheap electric  blinds or motorized blind systems, our firms policy is to make it clear to you the truly great deals we can offer. There are not many companies that can offer such superb quality for such a competitive price, also we have the knowledge that many electric blind companies simply have not acquired.

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When it comes to electric blinds it has to be said we are one of the top suppliers in the UK, we can offer all kinds of systems for a whole host of application.  Our electrically controled systems can be run off the mains or powered by batteries, all packages can be operated via remote control or wall mounted units. We use state of the art technology on our motorized systems, where battery controlled systems are used we take care of all the electrical companents, for mains powered units all we require is an outlet whcih is pre-wired to the mains. All our electronic systems are guaranteed and the quality of our components is second to none. All the electronics are made my top companies such as Somfy, the main manufacturer of electric blind motors Somfy are our choice of motor suppliers and they are renown for their reliablity and longevity.
Electric blind topics we can give quotes for…
– Automatic blinds for security
– Electronic side blinds for luxury homes
– Motorized conservatory roof blinds
– Products for schools and colleges
– Custom made electronic pinoloeum blinds
– Electrically powered vertical blinds
– Cheap electric  blinds with remote control
– Made to order electronic shades with thermal backing
– Made to measure electronic window shades for privicy
– Low cost electric shades with wall mounted controls
– 240V Electric controlled pinoleum blinds
– 24V Electric controlled conservatory blinds
– Remote roller blinds for banks

Below are just a few examples of the fabrics we can offer…

Pleated: primashade, feathers, cellular blackout, inspirations, kolari, regency spc.

Pinoleum: martinique teak, bahama pine, dijon antique white, dijon pure white, wallis, tobago beech.

Example sizes from our price calculator to show you how very simple it is to operate…

Height: 600mm [ 60 centimeters ] 23.6 inches
Width : 3400mm [ 340 centimeters ] 133.9 inches
Height: 3300mm [ 330 centimeters ] 129.9 inches
Width : 2800mm [ 280 centimeters ] 110.2 inches

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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