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During the colder months electric blinds can actually help you keep the cold in, many of our blinds have thermal backing which is great if you wish to save money on your fuel bills. We can supply thermal motorized blinds for houses, offices, Conservatories and also large commercial buildings.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of “240 volt” mains powered Electric blind systems and we can supply them for all types of window, we can also supply and fit solar powered motorised blind systems. We can supply both remote control window shading or wall controlled setups. We work 7 days a week and offer free quotes and installation throughout the United Kingdom.

On top of that we will even measure your windows for free, we have one of the largest ranges of fabrics to choose from and our colour choice is enormous. If you are interested in an electrically operated blind system please feel free to give us a call, alternatively we can off free quotes via our online quote form. Simply fill in the details of the blinds you require, submit the form and we will supply you with a price.

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Electric Blinds Powered by Somfy Motors

The cost of our Somfy Electric Blinds has never been lower, we offer Powered Blackout along with Venetian, Roman and Remote Control Electric Roller Blinds ( Also for Bifold doors ). If you prefer Cellular electric blinds we also sell Motorised Pleated Blinds, these are also powered by Somfy technology. Electrically powered RC blinds can easily set up to use either mains or battery supply, the average electric blind purchase would go something like this.

Firstly you would give our company a call and let us know what type of blinds you require, for example “electric dim-out blinds”or blackout blinds that are powered via batteries, then provide us with the measurements and let us know what you need the blinds for, this could be privacy, temperature control or simply protection from the sunlight. If giving us the correct measurements for your electric blinds turns out to be a problem, do not worry. We would arrange for one of our technical fitters to visit your premises and carry out an accurate survey. Once the survey is complete you will then be given a quote for the cost of your motorized blind package.

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Winter is on the way and electric blinds are an ideal solution to keep your home warm, we have some amazing deals available on all our shading systems. Why not give us a call? Window blind prices are at an all time low so why not check out our remote control electric blinds, they can be powered via battery or mains and are an ideal extra security addition. We even offer solar blinds for those interested in green energy, also these type of blinds are easy to install and of course will help cut the cost of your electricity bill.

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We offer many types of battery or mains powered blinds, we have automated, manual control and even solar powered blinds. Solar powered blinds are an excellent option for those who wish to save money on their electricity bills, also being battery powered they do not require hard-wiring to the mains. They come in the form of roller, pleated, roman and Venetian systems. Our battery powered roller blinds are particularly popular at the moment, as too are out electric blackout blinds. We supply both luxury Hi-end Designer Blinds and also budget priced blinds, these can be custom made to suit your price range.

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We also specialise on Somfy powered electric blinds, or to be precise we use their components in our shading systems. Somfy electric blinds cost far less now than they used to in the past, this makes them an excellent choice when configuring your system. Your motorised blinds can be app operated via mobile phone or tablet, if though you prefer a dedicated hand held controller you can opt for a radio controlled handset. These send the opening and closing signal via radio wave, just press a button and your blinds will move up and down as if by magic. This method would best be for those people who do not like using mobile applications (apps), for some pushing a button is much more preferable’

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UK electric blinds cost far less on average than they did 10 years ago, this means you can now get an excellent deal no matter what setup you choose. If you are unsure as to which blinds to buy them why not give us a call, we will let you know exactly which systems suits you according to your requirements. We can supply Electric blinds and remote control systems for Schools, Hotels, Homes, Offices, Conservatories and halls. Oh and we also supply electric roller blinds for bifold doors, in recent years motorised door blinds have become extremely popular for Patio, sliding and French doors.

We source our components from a wide range of suppliers, we can provide somfy electric blinds and also luxaflex components. We also specialise in blinds for patio or french doors, in addition we can fit somfy motor systems for bifold or sliding doors. If you do not wish to control your blinds via a switch, we can give you access to blinds that can be controlled via a control or mobile phone app. This means that you could open or shut your blinds simply by controlling your system via a bluetooth app, such a system could be used on both iphone apps or android versions.

As stated, we can provide professional advice and assistance with all the above. Our teams are available for home visits throughout the UK. We offer free measurements and quotations, with no purchase obligation whatsoever. All our blind systems are tailored to the client’s needs, whether dealing with low cost or high end luxurious projects, manually operated or motorized electric blinds, made to measure or with standard dimensions. Whenever you decide to install your electric blinds, we will be here to help.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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